Two faculty members are being recognized as rising stars in the field of chemistry.

Assistant Professor Severin Schneebeli and Assistant Professor Jianing Li were awarded the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award and OpenEye Scientific Software Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, respectively.

Schneebeli, whose area of expertise is organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, polymer chemistry, and theoretical/computational chemistry, received word in November about the award, which he was nominated for by Professor K. Peter C. Vollhardt of UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry.

The Thieme Chemistry Journals Award is presented every year to up-and-coming researchers worldwide who are in the early stages of their independent academic career as assistant or junior professors. The awardees are selected exclusively by the editorial board members of Synthesis, Synlett and Synfacts, who look for promising, young individuals working in chemical synthesis and catalysis or closely related areas of organic chemistry.

Li, whose expertise includes theoretical and computational chemistry, received the OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in Computational Chemistry at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in August. The award recognizes the work of junior faculty and assists rising new faculty members in gaining visibility within the computational chemistry community.

Li is recognized by the OpenEye award for her pioneering research to create new hierarchical modeling, methods, which combine the power of interconvertible models at multiple resolutions and allows to study structure and dynamics of complex biomaterials on scales that exceed current modeling capacity.





Erica Houskeeper
Assistant Professor Severin T. Schneebeli