working with students

Chemistry faculty are familiar with the coursework and requirements in all of the sciences, and they will work with you to design coursework that best meets your goals. In addition, your advisor will help enhance your relationship with the university and help you meet the general graduation requirements for your degree path. Your advisor can help you select courses, walk you through the organization and policies of UVM, and help keep you on track towards fulfilling the requirements you need to graduate.

Along with helping you stay on track with coursework, your Chemistry advisor can help you achieve your goals outside the classroom through study abroad and internships. Additionally, your advisor can help you plan for your career after graduation, including postgraduate degree programs in the sciences and medical disciplines. 

In short, your Chemistry advisors are your academic liaison. We are approachable, and you should always feel free to contact your advisor by whatever mechanism works best. If you have any problems getting a response from your advisor, please contact the Department Chair, Christopher Landry. Any student in the College of Arts & Sciences may declare a major in Chemistry directly online through myUVM. Please contact the department office if you have any questions or have recently declared a Chemistry major, and we will assign you a Chemistry faculty member advisor.