Of all the case competitions I have attended, FECC is easily the most seamless and well-orchestrated event.

Cassie Lee,
Sprott School of Business,
Carleton University, Canada


FECC was the highlight of my undergraduate career, allowing me the opportunity to learn more than I did in any other class or event!

Andrew Alber,
Seidman College of Business,
Grand Valley State University, USA


My first experience at FECC gave me valuable skills that I will use going forward in school and connected me to driven, friendly people that I will always have fond memories of.

Taylor Smith,
Oregon State University, USA


You feel like you´re in a different world of its own. Awesome staff & competitors, would never pass on the chance of living this incredible experience.

Undergraduate Student Competitor


FECC was the best school-related experience I have ever had and an amazing learning opportunity.

Undergraduate Student Competitor


FECC was an amazing experience. The cases were great, the food was amazing, and the people were even better. There is nothing more invigorating than getting together with a group of like-minded individuals to compete.

Ben Manzer,
Rowe School of Business,
Dalhousie University, Canada


The best case competition in my undergrad yet!

Taryn Faliszewski,
Rowe School of Business,
Dalhousie University, Canada


This competition is intense, exhausting, consumes a lot of time, but still one of the best decisions I have made.

Arturo Gonzalez Robles,
Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara, Mexico



FECC was a great opportunity for personal growth. Although I personally do not really have a background in family business, I learnt so much about the dynamics and characteristics that influence family firms. The learning experience was not only limited to the theoretical knowledge but we also developed a number of soft skills. Thanks to FECC I became a better team member, improved my public speaking skills and also learnt the importance that empathy can have when dealing with family members.

Rita Stefanuto,
Jönköping International Business School,
Jönköping University, Sweden


FECC is more than team competition... it is a personal competition of improvement.

Luis Jose Aragon Yanes,
Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala


FECC is awesome! You really feel part of a global event and the experience really nurtures growth in everyone who takes part in it.

Mario Zuñiga,
Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala


An amazing experience that really challenges you in every way. Regardless the results, by the end of the competition you will definitely realize how much you have improve in just 4 days!! An opportunity to learn, grow, take risks, challenge yourself, work as a team, make friends, make contacts, have fun and have the experience of your life!!!

Brenda Alonzo,
Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala


The FECC was a transformative learning experience and a major highlight of my postgraduate studies. It was an absolute honour to compete and learn from so many amazing individuals, hailing from some of the best business schools across the globe. I couldn't recommend it enough!

Brent Alexander,
University of Adelaide, Australia


A lifetime opportunity to challenge and develop oneself while being accompanied by fantastic people from around the world on the journey.

Jack Lee,
University of Adelaide, Australia



This event delivered an exceptional learning experience to the students in my team. The high level of the competition really challenged them to exceed expectations. In addition they made a lot of fun and made new friends. Hope to see you again next year!

Simon Cornet,
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


FECC was an amazingly well run competition and we had such a great experience that before we knew it we were packing to head home.  The people that attend this conference make every moment truly memorable and fun.

Glenn Skrubbeltrang,
Goodman School of Business,
Brock University, Canada


FECC has been one of the best experiences in my academic career so far. For me, the best Case Competition I have attended, full of lessons and an incredible source of learning, not only for my students but also for myself. It was such a well-organized event where you can see future business professionals at their full potential, and I am talking not only about the contestants, but also the student organizing committee.

Mari­a Begoña Cota Mendia,
Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara, Mexico



FECC is the gold standard event for family enterprise competitions and sets the bar very high in all regards from the selective group of international competitors to the well-organized program overseen by UVMs student team and academic overseers.

Davis Farmer,
The Ulysses Advisory Group, USA


In my experience this is the most engaging and educational event for students of family business in the world.

Richard Owens,
Shoeys Pty LTD


I am delighted and honored to serve as a judge at UVM's FECC. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience with so many committed, enthusiastic students from around the world, and I'm sure that every year, I learn at least as much about family business as they do.

Bram Kleppner,
Danforth Pewter, USA


FECC 2019 offered the opportunity to witness first hand some of the brightest students applying their education and life experiences to their work. Left with the belief that if  just some of the students are tomorrows leaders of their nations we certainly have a bright future.

Thomas Waring, Jr.,
GCW Capital Group, LLC, USA


FECC combines intellectual competition, at a international level, with the fun and companionship of a diverse group of students, judges, and coaches should attend FECC.  There is no other event that combines this learning experience the fun and pleasure of meeting talented students interested in family enterprise advising.

Randy Waesche,
Resource Management, LLC., USA


One of the most interesting, exciting, supportive and welcoming events I have ever attended.  All participants at every level were extremely friendly, supportive and performed their responsibilities above and beyond expectation.  The planning and execution of this event was truly amazing!

FECC 2019 Judge



As a junior in the Grossman School of Business, FECC was by far one of the best experiences I have had at UVM.  I loved being able to interact with all the teams, coaches, judges, and faculty that helped make FECC such a good experience.  I can't wait for next year!

Ryan Waystack, Facilitator


Not only was FECC enjoyable from the perspective of the competitors, coaches, and judges, but the organization of the event was so well done where it created a positive atmosphere for the Grossman students to be able to represent themselves and the University in a stress free environment.

Conor Robbins, Facilitator