8th Global Virtual SG-FECC

Congratulations to our winning teams!

Undergraduate Winners: Wilfrid Laurier University - Canada

Graduate Winners: ESADE Business School - Spain

Full Results (PDF)

Brochure CoverThe annual Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition (SG-FECC) prepares participants to understand the critical issues that are unique to family enterprise by applying the knowledge and expertise they have developed in the classroom towards solving complex family business cases. During four tough rounds of competition, teams present their case to a distinguished panel of judges who will determine which group best understood, analyzed and presented the case.

For more information, please contact: fecc@uvm.edu

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What competing students, coaches, judges and organizers say about SG-FECC

"This competition focuses on learning and growth while having a good time."

Luis Diaz Matajira, SG-FECC Coach (2013 onwards), Universidad de los Andes, COLOMBIA

"I was amazed at how perfectly the whole event was organized over the 5 days. The level of professionalism, coordination and collaboration seen amongst the organizers, ambassadors and coordinators is something unique and rare. Running such an event is a challenge that even professional event management specialists would possibly struggle with. To see a group of UVM students coming together and running the show the way they ran it - was just awesome! Hats off to you! Another amazing aspect of this competition is the friendly and welcoming environment throughout. Teams competing against each other still look out for each other, share ideas transparently and genuinely want others to do well. It is a magical thing to witness in today's world where competition usually means cutthroat. Kudos to the FECC team for fostering such a positive environment. I was promised by my coach that FECC will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime and he was definitely not wrong."

Bhaskar Ghadigachalam, SG-FECC 2020 Graduate Competitor, University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

"This is a first class event.  It isn't just about competition, but camaraderie, learning, sharing and meeting diverse students and judges from around the world."

Jim Keller, Sponsor and Judge, USA

"FECC has been one of the best experiences I have had not only within the Grossman business school, but at UVM as a whole."

Ryan Waystack, SG-FECC 2020 Senior Lead Coordinator

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Past SG-FECC Information

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Fast Facts

  • Established in 2013 @ UVM
  • In the 1st eight years:
    • # of competitors – 638
    • # of teams - 177
      • Countries - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA
    • # of Judges – 487
    • # of UVM student organizers and competitors – 280
  • # of universities - 56

SG-FECC 2021 Teams

Undergraduate Teams

  • Alabama State University - USA
  • Bishop's University - Canada
  • EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht - Germany
  • FOBI, Grand Valley State University - USA
  • Maastricht University - Netherlands
  • NUTN - National University of Tainan - Taiwan
  • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Netherlands 
  • Shidler College of Business - USA
  • Universitas Prasetiya Mulya - Indonesia
  • Universidad De Los Andes  - Colombia
  • Universidad Panamericana Aguascalientes - Mexico
  • Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara - Mexico
  • University of Toronto -  Canada
  • University of Vermont - Grossman School of Business - USA
  • Wilfrid Laurier University - Canada

Graduate Teams

  • ESADE Business School - Spain
  • FIA - Fundação Instituto de Administração - Brazil
  • Heilbronn University - Germany
  • Kellogg School of Management - USA
  • National Sun Yat-sen University - Taiwan
  • PPM School of Management - Indonesia
  • Sasin School of Management - Thailand
  • Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa - Canada
  • Universitas Prasetiya Mulya - Indonesia
  • Universidad Francisco Marroquin - Guatemala
  • University of Vermont - Grossman School of Business - USA
  • WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management - Germany

Past Competing Teams

  • Bishop's University - The Williams School of Business, Canada
  • Bocconi University, Italy
  • Brock University - Goodman School of Business, Canada
  • Carleton University - Sprott School of Business, Canada
  • Columbia University, USA
  • Concordia University - John Molson School of Business, Canada
  • Dalhousie University - Rowe School of Business, Canada
  • ESADE Business School, Spain
  • Grand Valley State University - Seidman College, USA
  • HEC Montreal, Canada
  • Heilbronn University, Germany
  • ICN Business School, France
  • Indian School of Business, India
  • Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
  • Kennesaw State University - Coles College of Business, USA
  • Lancaster University, UK
  • Munich Business School, Germany
  • Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management, USA
  • Oregon State University, USA
  • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Saginaw Valley State University, USA
  • Sasin School of Management, Thailand
  • St. Bonaventure University, USA
  • Stetson University, USA
  • Syracuse University - Whitman School of Management, USA
  • Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
  • Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile
  • Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala
  • Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Panama
  • Universidad Pan Americana, Aguascalientes, Mexico
  • Universidad Pan Americana, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Universidad San Andres, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia
  • University of Adelaide, Australia
  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • University of Business & Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • University of Chile, Chile
  • University of Guelph-Humber, Canada
  • University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business, Canada
  • University of Massachussets, Amherst - Isenberg School of Business, USA
  • University of North Texas, USA
  • University of Vermont, USA
  • Wilfrid Laurier University - Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, Canada
  • Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Zhejiang University, China

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