Grossman School of Business Experiential Learning

The University of Vermont Grossman School of Business is adding several experiential components to our academic program. These include internships, live projects, guest speakers and business pitch and case competitions. Business pitch and case competitions help students translate their academic learning into practical applications.

Case Competitions

Case competitions challenge students to apply their classroom knowledge in a pressure-laden environment that develops problem-solving, time management and communication skills through teamwork, all of which are crucial in today’s workplace.

These competitions prepare students for success in job interviews, careers, and effective decision-making.
Beginning in 2012, the University of Vermont Grossman School of Business started to compete in case competitions, and since more than 315 students have competed in 58 events in 6 countries, enjoying 41 podium finishes.

The Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC) is hosted annually by the Grossman School of Business. FECC is the world’s premier competition for students studying family business, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels; allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of the critical issues that are unique to family enterprises. Over four rounds of competition, competing teams from some of the world's finest family business programs, present their case analyses to a distinguished panel of judges, who determine which school best understood, evaluated and presented their case findings.

Business Pitch Competition

The Business Pitch Competition will hone the skills of students who want to start their own business. Participants will develop and pitch their ideas to a select group of judges that include prominent and successful alumni and leading members of the business community. The competition will help students translate their academic learning into practical applications. There is even the potential for some of the ideas to attract attention of the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who will be judging the competition and sitting in the audience. Learn more about Business Pitch

Generous donation

The Grossman School of Business is able to fund the business pitch and case competitions thanks to a generous donation from a University of Vermont alumnus.