Lecturer (Part-Time)

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sherry Roulston comes to UVM after two decades of working in Marketing and Operations within ExxonMobil. She holds an MBA in International Business with a concentration in Global Leadership.

As a marketing representative for ExxonMobil company operated stores, Sherry stewarded over 28 million gallons annually, 7.2 million in store sales, $800,000 of physical inventory as well as hired/supervised all exempt managers and assistant managers for 15 stores while overseeing supervision of over 100 non-exempt store employees.

In the position as franchise representative, Sherry managed a portfolio of thirty-one dealer operated franchises, maintained franchise agreements, solicited new franchisees, maintained corporate image standards, sold branded marketing programs and recommend street pricing strategies.

As a Performance Support Manager, Sherry managed ExxonMobil’s New England training department and developed internal career paths for all NE employees.  Sherry recruited, interviewed, hired - all store managers and assistants throughout New England and stewarded turnover results, cost of hire, staffing levels and internal promotions.

In 2006 Sherry was awarded ExxonMobil’s Top Performance Support Manager in the Region.

Sherry taught at Suffolk University in Boston Massachusetts from 2011 until 2017 before relocating to Upstate NY.

Courses she taught at Suffolk University were:

Management Information Systems – examines the rise of information-enabled enterprises and the role of technology/systems and e-commerce as key enablers of businesses and social changes globally.

Preparing for Your Internship with Advanced Excel - provides future interns with advanced MOS Excel skills.

Enterprise Integration and Process Reengineering – ERP - provides students with a conceptual, as well as, a mechanical understanding of enterprise integration and enterprise software, business process reengineering and strategies for maximizing benefits from enterprise systems. Lab projects on the SAP R/3 System are provided.

Data Science and Analytics – a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts, applications and tools for Big Data & Data Analytics - Tools used: MS Excel, MS Access, SQL, and SAS Visual Analytics.

As a descendant of Darius Merrill, Sherry spent every summer at her ancestral Adirondack camp on Chateaugay Lake in Merrill, NY. and says, ”Like my great grandfather Charles E Merrill, author of The Old Guide’s Story, I can’t get enough of this beautiful part of the country and I am so happy to finally live here full time while pursuing my dreams of teaching, hiking, writing and contributing back to the place I love most.”

Awards and Recognition

  • United States National Speech Communication Award (1982),
  • Who’s Who (1982),
  • United States Marketing & Refining Operations Department Award (1991),
  • United States Marketing & Refining Training Development Award (1993),
  • ExxonMobil Company Operated Retail Stores Outstanding Performance Award (2004),
  • ExxonMobil Top Performance Support Manager in the Region (2006),
  • ExxonMobil Circle of Excellence Award (2007).
Sherry Roulston


Office Hours:

Wednesdays 2:15-3:15pm Kalkin 217, or by appointment