Individuals interested in the MAcc program as a way to begin a second career in accounting often complete the program over a two-year period. Here’s a suggested path for applicants who need to complete all five prerequisite courses. The MAcc Director is happy to meet with applicants to help design a program specific to individual needs. Graduate students are considered full-time for financial aid (loans) purposes at nine credit hours during the fall and spring semesters. The plan shown below assumes you want to be enrolled as a full-time student.

Most UVM courses are offered on campus and in person.

First-Year Preparation

Check your undergraduate syllabus and determine which of the five pre-requisite courses you have yet to complete. It’s important to realize that the financial accounting course must be completed prior to taking Corporate Financial Reporting 1 and then Corporate Financial Reporting 2. Managerial accounting may be taken with Corporate Financial Reporting 1.

First-Year Summer

Complete the financial accounting course over this summer. If time permits, complete the management accounting and/or microeconomics course as well. Apply to and be accepted to the MAcc program.

First-Year Fall

  • Corporate Financial Reporting 1 (There is space in BUS 3610 Corporate Financial Reporting1 in the fall semester for anyone interested in the MAcc program)
  • Management accounting (if not completed in the summer)
  • BUS 6601 Professional Communications
  • A non-accounting elective (if needed for full-time status) or microeconomics prerequisite

Participate in career building activities included in the professional communications class and the fall Accounting Career Fair. Many two-year students obtain an internship offer for the following summer as a result of these activities.

First-Year Spring

  • Corporate Financial Reporting 2
  • Graduate accounting elective course (Accounting Information Systems recommended)
  • A non-accounting elective (finance is preferred if you have no prior coursework in finance)

Second-Year Summer

Complete prerequisite in microeconomics or potentially an internship.

Second-Year Fall

  • BUS 6602 CPA Law
  • Two graduate accounting elective course (Auditing and Advanced Accounting recommended)

Participate in the fall Accounting Career Fair, network to obtain interviews for full-time employment offers for summer/fall of the following year

Second-Year Spring

  • BUS 6690 Accounting Research, Regulation & Ethics
  • Two graduate accounting elective courses (a taxation course is recommended).

Second-Year May

Graduate with your MAcc degree, begin to take the CPA exam, begin full-time employment between June and October (employer-specific start dates).