FECC2017 taught me a lot about family business. However, it was the people and connections that were amazing. I am now friends with intelligent, hardworking people from all around the world.

Jennie May, Undergraduate Student Competitor,
Whitman School of Management,
Syracuse University, USA


FECC was one of the most unique experiences of my life, what an amazing time of fun, challenge, and meeting new people!

Ben Taylor, Undergraduate Student Competitor,
Whitman School of Management,
Syracuse University, USA



This is much more than a normal case competition. You need to feel passionate and get emotionally engaged with the cases which makes it a unique experience.

Carlos Morales, Undergraduate Student Competitor,
Universidad de Los Andes, COLOMBIA


FECC 2017 was a prime example of what a conference of others should look, feel, and act like. A place where teams from all over the world feel comfortable and at home; that is how I felt. Every single person I spoke with was so kind, generous, caring, and supportive; even the other competitors. At the end of the day, it isn't everything to win something, it is coming there with the mindset that you are gaining a whole new experience that many others may not be able to; that right there makes me feel fortunate.

FECC 2017, Undergraduate Student Competitor


FECC was a wonderful experience.  I'm thankful for being able to participate, to have been able to challenge myself, and to grow as an individual.

FECC 2017, Undergraduate Student Competitor



FECC 2017 was an amazing and unique experience. I highly recommend more institutions to compete and make this an even greater event!

Loukas Dimitriou, Graduate Student Competitor,
Lancaster University, UK



An amazing experience for students, coaches and judges passionate about the field of Family Business, a privilege to be part of the experience.

Coach Denise Paré Julien,
Director of the Deschênes l Molson l Lesage Family Business Centre HEC Montréal


Another excellent competition. FECC gets better every year, an indication of the willingness and desire to continually improve.

Coach H F (Herb) MacKenzie,
Goodman School of Business, Brock University, CANADA


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this exciting and wonderful competition. You manage to organize the FECC event with so such passion and dedication, which can hardly be beaten. UVM / Grossman School of Business can be truly proud. We would be honored to stay part of the FECC family.

Coach Sandra Farwer,
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, THE NETHERLANDS


FECC is a world class event and a true showcase of the skills and abilities of business students from around the world at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.




An inspiring multi-national event-the Davos of business student competition.

Bob Phillips
Royall Lyme Bermuda, USA


There isn't another event in the world that brings together so many smart, talented, experienced people to think about how to help family businesses, and the families who own them, succeed.

Bram Kleppner, CEO, Danforth Pewter, USA


The FECC 2017 was exceptional, engaging, and hands-on. I greatly appreciated the level of thought, detail, and entrepreneurial passion that the organizers and participants brought to this competition.

Dr. Magdalena Meusburger
FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Science,


I had great experience again this year. I was inspired by all of the members attending the FECC. And, hope I can come back again next year.

Takao Kawamoto
Glorious Co. Ltd., JAPAN


FECC 2017 was an amazing experience. You all did an incredible and high standard job! Congratulations!

Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro
EESC - Universidade de São Paulo, BRAZIL


FECC is an opportunity for me to continue to learn and hone my skills as a professor.  Interacting with the diverse scholars, practitioners, and students enables me to deepen my understanding of the diverse issues and perspectives related to family business.  I feel privileged to be associated with the FECC and to have developed this relationship with UVM. 

Danna N. Greenberg,
Walter H. Carpenter Professor of Organizational Behavior, Babson College, USA


I had a fantastic time seeing these "amazing" young people and chatting with the impressive lineup of Judges.

Theodore M. Riehle III
SilverLake Wealth Management, VT, USA


FECC is a great platform to interact and network with students, educators, owners, and practitioners across the globe.

Dr. Mita Dixit
Head-Research & Consultancy, Center for family managed business, SPJIMR, Mumbai, INDIA


The Family Enterprise Case Competition provides an outstanding demonstration of Family Business knowledge along with an in-depth learning and networking experience for everyone involved.  The caliber of student teams and coaches, and the professional expertise of the judges, represent some of the finest in the world in the field of FB. 

Rejeana Heinrich,
Stevens Center for Family Business at Saginaw Valley State University, USA


I have just participated in my first FECC as a judge.  It was a terrific experience and I hope to be included again.  The event is well conceived and designed by Dita Sharma and her colleagues.  It is well managed by a team of students whose participation enhances their own experience.  I was impressed by the quality of thought of the participants and by the professionalism of their presentations.  The meals and social activities around the competition complement the overall experience nicely. 

Davis Farmer,
Ulysses Advisory Group, USA


Truly a stellar effort that has received well-deserved accolades across the board. I have been honored to participate in the last two events, would welcome an invitation to return, and am highly confident that continued success will follow. What a terrific opportunity for students and judges to equally benefit from what is undeniably an excellent learning experience!

Roger Nadeau,
Agri-Mark/Cabot Creamery, USA


Amazing event, Witnessing the participating students working together and socializing together was reassuring that the future of our world is in good hands!



There is nothing like this event.  It combines the best of higher education, conferences, and sleep away camp...passion, intelligence, fun and a life changing experience for so many...



FECC connects students, coaches and judges from all over the world with each other just by sharing their ideas what family enterprises are about.




The Family Enterprise Case Competition offers competitors, coaches, judges, and UVM staff with a unique perspective of family businesses, while inviting everyone to celebrate their achievements of competing in such a well regarded case competition. It's unique to find an event that has been formed through the support of local businesses and is a place where the staff is having just as much fun as the participants!

Olivia Machanic, UVM Ambassador


I was so grateful for an experience such as this, it was eye opening and so amazing to work with students from all over the world. We were able to drop our cultural boundaries and bond as one group there for a single purpose.

Gaelyn Sullivan, UVM Ambassador


Participating in FECC has been one of the most rewarding experiences during my time as a Grossman student. I've met so many professors, competitors, colleagues, and friends that have contributed to my ever growing network and have stayed connected since. It has been an honor to be able to work alongside some of the brightest people in the world and a privilege to be paid to do it.

FECC 2017, UVM Student Organizer


This is the most unique, professional and well run family case competition in the United States.

FECC 2017, UVM Student Organizer


FECC is one of the most accessible and successful ways to receive a more advanced and interactive business education; not only at the Grossman School of Business but other colleges and universities across the globe vicariously through their representatives.

FECC 2017, UVM Student Organizer



The time I spent with FECC, particularly as a room coordinator, gave me my first real insight into what it means to work with C-Level executives in a professional manner, something I now do every day.  I don't think I would have been as comfortable as I was when I first started with my clients if I hadn't had the full immersion that FECC offers its students.

Spencer Reynolds | Account Coordinator
C-4 Analytics, LLC | 999 Broadway, Suite 500 | Saugus, MA 01906