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  • This is incredibly important for the function of this software. The more information entered into the system, the greater the benefits for faculty & students!


  • Select the pencil on the right side to edit and include your information for each of the subheadings Personal, Preferences, and Education.
  • If you’re unclear about what is expected of you to include, you can hover the arrow over the question mark and it will give you more information.
  • Be sure to include your desired industry after graduation under preferences, you’re theme/concentration under education, and the personal information.


  • Post-Graduation Outcomes: Students should include post-graduation plans ranging from jobs (offered and accepted), continuing education (admittance into program or intentions to do so), still seeking employment, or other outcomes. “Add other outcomes” and “add education” bring you to the same page.
    • This information should only be entered once you have concrete post-graduation plans (i.e. you have received/accepted a job offer, you have been admitted into grad school, etc.). Intentions other than seeking employment should not be entered
  • Internships: Students should include information regarding experience prior to graduation under the Internship portion.
    • Add Internship: If you have received an offer for an internship, but have no accepted it or did not accept it at the time, please select pending internship offer and fill in the necessary information. If you had an internship or have accepted an upcoming internship, select this option and fill in the necessary information.
    • Still Seeking Internship: If you do not have an internship lined-up yet for the summer, simply select this option.
    • Other Summer Experience: If you do not have an internship for the summer, select other summer experience. If you have a summer job, in the drop down menu select “Not seeking an internship” and include some details about your summer work in the details box. If you don’t have a summer internship or job, select what is applicable in the drop down menu and provide some additional information in the details.
    • Own Venture: Under the “Add Internship” and “other summer experience” tabs there is an option for own venture, if you started or are starting your own business, you may include this under either field.
    • **Note, you cannot select “still seeking internship” and “not seeking an internship” (because of summer work) simultaneously, please only include this with regards to your plans for summer 2016.**


  • Once students enter in all this data regarding jobs and internships, under offer view and salary view, students can view graphic organizers and indexes with pertinent information regarding timelines, job sources, and salaries. You can tailor the information based on industry, degree level, and other pertinent criteria. There is also an “Events” tab in which you can register for events and see when your favorite companies are coming.


  • All Grossman School of Business Events will be posted on 12Twenty including workshops, information sessions, employer tabling, etc.
  • You must register for events through 12Twenty