Auxiliary Services

This myACCESS Services website provides links to important information regarding each of our services, while our myACCESS web portal allows students and faculty to view their customized accommodation information and to manage exam scheduling and note taking requests.

ASL Interpreter Services / CART

two hands signing in ASL

The University of Vermont Interpreter Services provides certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and transliteration services for eligible students, staff and faculty who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  Interpreter Services also provides certified ASL interpreters or CART services for campus events, upon request.


closed caption CC logo

Captioning provides Deaf or Hard of Hearing students with access to the spoken language and the sound effects of a film. Student Accessibility Services provides captioning services free of charge for individuals with the corresponding accommodation, as determined by their Student Accessibility Specialist. 

eBooks Program

hard cover book with an E on cover

The eBooks program provides students with books and readings in text based accessible formats such as PDF and word documents to be used with text-to-speech software such as Read and Write GOLD.

Exam Proctoring Center

hands filling in a scantron test sheet

The University of Vermont Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) provides testing accommodations for SAS students and students with temporary disabilities. The EPC also provides Courtesy Exam testing services for students taking non-UVM exams.

Note Taking Program

notes at uvm

At The University of Vermont, one of the largest accommodations is Note Taking. UVM’s Note Taking Program works to match students’ requests for notes with the appropriate level of Note Taking services.