Lead Peer Advisors

Julia Hurd


Majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish

Involved in Speech and Hearing Club, Love Your Melon, CSD Honors Society, Mortar Board

Advice: Be open to all experiences and all the people you meet!

Starr Cobb


Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and Philosophy

Involved in Nonames for justice, DC Staff, LGBTQA Center Staff

Advice: Go to office hours and chill

Lindsey Robinson


Majoring in Biochemistry

Involved in The Dewey Collective, UVM Medical Center volunteer, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Advice: Keep your head up. College is a big transition but we've all been there. You will get through it just fine!

Peer Advisors

Jared Carlson


Majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems

Involved in Phi Mu Delta Fraternity, UVM Army ROTC

Advice: Get involved in clubs/organizations. They are fun, rewarding, will provide structure, and they will help you find friends with similar interests.

Aliandra Burgos


Majoring in Sociology

Involved in Alianza Latinx,  ALANA house, MCSC peer mentor, Womyn of Color Coalition.

Advice: Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If you wait too long to ask for help, you'll regret that you didn't ask for it sooner.

Kelayah Gregg


Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in Womyn of Color Coalition and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Advice: Do not be afraid to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. Encourage yourself to get out there and try new things because you will grow and learn so much about yourself and others.

Lena Kirillova


Majoring in Secondary Education

Involved in Uplayers and Anthropology Club

Advice: Be patient. If things don't seem to be working out immediately, be patient and give it some time.

Ben Schnier


Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in Chatty Cats, Audio Art L/L program

Advice: Be yourself, genuinely yourself. Engage in things that you care about, and be the person you genuinely are, and that you genuinely love!

Alexa Herrera- Condry


Majoring in Studio Art

Involved in Black Student Union and Alianza Latinx, DC Staff

Advice: DO NOT wait until the last minute to do assignments no matter what. There is nothing better than completing things ahead of time and not having to worry about them later on.

Ariela Burk


Majoring in Animal Science

Involved in Pre-Vet Club, Peer Note Taking, CREAM, Undergraduate research

Advice: Talk to your professors, they want to help you.

Keana Moreau


Dual Degree in English and Secondary Education

Involved in Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, TRIO/SSS, and CAS Dean's office staff

Advice: Introduce yourself to at least one person in each of your classes, every semester.

John Zambarano


Majoring in Art History

Involved in ASL Club, FeelGood, Free2Be, Davis Center Staff

Advice: It's ok to be undeclared!

Ama Sika


Majoring in  Social Work

Involved in Black Student Union, UPB, Town Hall, Mosaic Center

Advice: College is not as hard as you perceive it to be, so if I made it this far you can definitely make it farther.

Emma Einhorn


Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in Dewey Collective for Community Engagement, Think College, Organizer for March for Our Lives: Vermont, Feel Good

Advice: Starting out, college is terrifying, but you'll be surprised at how quickly you will adjust and become comfortable.

Anna Moore


Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in UPB Team

Advice: Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Xhochi Calero


Majoring in Social Work

Involved in Alpha Chi Omega, Ski and Snowboard Club

Advice: Make sure you look at your requirements and try to take classes that overlap with other requirements!

Bright Osei-Boateng


Majoring in Sociology

Involved in Davis Center and BSU

Advice: Stay focused, your first year is all about experiences and making friends but remember that you’re still in school so stay focused.

Hanna Hondzinski


Majoring in Global studies and Political Science

Involved in Alpha Delta Pi in FSL, RALLYTHON, FeelGood, Orientation and First Year Experience, Lead Resident Advisor, and now Peer Advising!

Advice: Put yourself out there!! Get involved and try everything, you never know where you will find your passions.

Giana Congiusta


Majoring in Psychological Science

Involved in The DREAM Program, Undergraduate Psychology Research, Ski & Snowboard Club

Advice: Get a planner and schedule your days so you can be prepared!

Jackie Cline


Majoring in Elementary Education

Involved in FSL, DREAM

Advice: Talk to your neighbors in class and in your reshall - that's how you make friends.

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