Group of Peer Advisors

Lead Peer Advisors

Felix Headshot

Félix Torres

Majoring in Neuroscience, Statistics

Involved in Alianza Latinx, Student Alumni Association, Alternative Spring Break, Orientation

Advice For First Years: Ration your meal points!!!!!

Raven Headshot

Raven Tether

Majoring in Computer Science

Involved in SoWE, SoWCS, Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Reslife, CS Crew, Freelance Programming

Advice For First Years: Don't be afraid to talk to your professors, and remember that it's okay to ask for help.

Zach Headshot

Zach Seek

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Involved in FSL and IFC exec, Love Your Melon, Tutoring Center

Advice For First Years: Find a group of people that you can be comfortable with

Peer Advisors

Julia Headshot

Julia Hurd

Majoring in Communication sciences and Disorders, Spanish

Involved in Speech and hearing club, love your melon, club gymnastics

Advice For First Years: Explore as much as you can!

Diana Headshot

Diana Franco

Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in Black Student Union, Residential Advisor, and Living and Learning Communities Program Specialist.

Advice For First Years: Use a planner, it is so helpful to write things that have to get done down. Plus, you'll feel accomplished when you get to cross it out!

Starr Headshot

Starr Cobb

Majoring in HDFS, Philosophy

Involved in BSU, ASA, NUFP, QTPOC, Womens philosophy club

Advice For First Years: Take advantage of CAPs

John Headshot

John Zambarano

Majoring in Art History

Involved in FeelGood, Teaching Assistant, ASL Club, Davis Center Staff, Orientation Leader

Advice For First Years: Go to your professor's office hours! They love seeing students and talking to them 1-on-1.

Yuwei Headshot

Yuwei Zhu

Majoring in Finance

Involved in UVMtv, UVM Program Board

Advice For First Years: Prepare yourself, don't afraid of making mistakes. Enjoy your college life.

Pierrette Headshot

Pierrette Lumumba

Majoring in Nursing

Involved in UVM Program Board, Tower Society, Student Nurses Association, The Tutoring Center

Advice For First Years: Take care of yourselves physically and mentally, so you can be the best you possible!

EJ  Headshot

EJ Obaro-Best

Majoring in Computer Science

Involved in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, BSU

Advice For First Years: Be prepared and be motivated!

Giana  Headshot

Giana Congiusta

Majoring in Psychological Science

Involved in DREAM Club, Mentor and Co-chair of Fundraising, Ski & Snowboard Club

Advice For First Years:  Get a planner.

Izzy  Headshot

Izzy Lardner

Majoring in English and Italian Studies

Involved in Honors College and Book House (in L/L)

Advice For First Years: It's normal to stress, but try not to overwhelm yourself; just remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Lule  Headshot

Lulé Aden

Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in Black Student Union, vice president of Muslim Student Association, and work at the Alumni Foundation.

Advice For First Years: Seek help from the beginning. Utilize your resources.

Emily  Headshot

Emily Shore

Majoring in Integrated Biological Sciences

Involved in Intermural Volleyball, Broomball, Ski and Snowboard club, TA, participating in alternative spring break in Ecuador, gradudate research

Advice For First Years:  Do NOT be afraid to ask for class advising

Dylan  Headshot

Dylan Butera

Majoring in Political Science

Involved in The Student Government Association, recently hired as a Advocat, I am in the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and used to be on the Division I Cross Country/Track & Field Team.

Advice For First Years: Don't be afraid to reach out. Everyone is in the same boat as you are freshman year. It's all about enjoying yourself while taking your academic studies seriously.

Justin Headshot

Justin Schimmel

Majoring in Secondary Education/Social Sciences

Involved in Resident Advisor (RA), Hall Council, Political Science Club, Running Club, Rallython

Advice For First Years: Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. It can be really rewarding when you do.

Lindsey Headshot

Lindsey Robinson

Majoring in Biology

Involved in Undergraduate Research, CSL for the Dewey House for Community Engagement

Advice For First Years:  Keep your head up. College is a big transition but we've all been there. You will get through it just fine!

Lauren  Headshot

Lauren Chapman

Majoring in Secondary Education

Involved in Vantage Point, Dewey House for Community Engagement, Green Mountain Veggies

Advice For First Years:  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there: try new things, talk to new people, and ask lots of questions!

Hailey  Headshot

Hailey Moll

Majoring in Zoology B.S.

Involved in Officer of Amnesty International, Subject-area tutor at the Tutoring Center, TA for ENVS 001, Ski&Snowboard club

Advice For First Years:  Don't be afraid to ask questions about anything to anyone! Learning is inquiring.

Ariela Headshot

Ariela Burk

Majoring in Animal Science

Involved in Prevet Club, Living/Learning Pottery Co-op, Undergraduate Research, Former L/L Clay Program Director

Advice For First Years: Don't be afraid to make mistakes, we're all human!

Jeremy Headshot

Jeremy Nicholson

Majoring in Environmental Studies

Involved in UVM Hillel, Chabbad and 1in4

Advice For First Years: Try everything out, build a community and most importantly, stay true to yourself

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