Peer Advising Cohort 2019-2020

Lead Peer Advisors

Alexa's Headshot

Alexa Herrera Condry


Majoring in Studio Art with a minor in Computer Science

Involved in Black Student Union, Alianza Latinx and Davis Center Information Desk Staff

Advice: Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable!

Emma's Headshot

Emma Einhorn


Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with minors in Special Education and Psychological Science

Involved in The Dewey Collective, Think College, and was a co-organizer for March for Our Lives(2018): Vermont

Advice: Don't compare your own progress in academics and developing social life to that of others. Everyone finds their places and interests at their own pace, and comparing yourself only brings you down.

Peer Advisors

Alexis' Headshot

Alexis Walker


Majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Anthropology

Involved in Biochemical Society and interns in the Genomics Lab

Advice: Don't be intimidated by your professors!

Antonio's Headshot

Antonio Posada


Majoring in Community and International Development with a minor in French

Involved in Tutoring Center, Spanish Tertulia, Dewey/Leadership House, Undergraduate TA for CDAE, Soccer

Advice: Challenging yourself and trying new things is the best way to grow as a student at UVM.

Caitlyn's Headshot

Caitlyn Lucadamo


Majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

Involved in Ski and Snowboard Club, Freestyle Ski Team, Marketing Club

Advice: Know that you have to advocate for yourself when you need help because every resource is there you just have to be willing to go to it and ask for help.

Carter's Headshot

Carter Ward


Majoring in Data Science with minors in Philosophy and Writing

Involved in The Water Tower and as an Undergraduate Computer Science TA

Advice: Follow your interests to their fullest extent.

Cate's Headshot

Cate Kowal


Majoring in Psychological Science with a minor in Neuroscience

Involved in Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Synchronized Figure Skating Team, Peace Corps Preparatory Program, Psychology Club, WE

Advice: Make your mental health a priority. You're in a new environment away from home, surrounded by new people, and challenging yourself academically, it's easy to let those things take over your life, but you have to remember that it is important to take care of yourself, too.

Connor's Headshot

Connor Zwonik


Majoring in Mathematics and Statistics with a minor in Computer Science

Involved in Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Vermont Wind Ensemble, Tutor, Catholic Center,Mathematics and Statistics Peer Mentor Group, Honors College

Advice: Utilize your professors as they are here to help and want you to succeed!

Emily's Headshot

Emily Schwartz


Majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in History and minor in Special Education

Involved in Think College, Undergraduate TA, CESS Diversity Committee

Advice: Talk to someone new everyday! You never know who you will meet, the connections you will make, or the things you will learn (about yourself and others).

Janeice's Headshot

Janeice Mena


Double Majoring in Community and International Development and Community Entrepeneurship

Involved in Alianza Latinx and as a Davis Center Information Desk Assistant

Advice: Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Jaylyn's Headshot

Jaylyn Chalco


Majoring in Social Work with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies

Involved in Alianza Latinx, Davis Center Tech Team, Community Student leader for La Casa, Black Student Union

Advice: Nothing goes to plan, it's okay to fail as long as you keep trying.

Kat's Headshot

Kat Henderson


Majoring in Social Work with a minor in Spanish

Involved in Ski and Snowboard Club, Intramural Sports, Feel Good, Orientation Leader

Advice: Be yourself!!

Marissa's Headshot

Marissa Yanez


Majoring in Natural Resource Planning with a minor in Green Building and Community Design

Involved as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant and a Davis Center Building Manager

Advice: Don't be afraid to ask questions! Whether in class or on campus, asking questions is the best way to get to an answer.

Matt's Headshot

Matt Hagberg


Double Majoring in Psychological Science and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Involved as a Research Assistant at Sexual Health Research Clinic, Writer for the Cynic, Lead Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader

Advice: Finding friends is easier than you think! Talk to everyone you see and you will find a connection with lots of them!

Miles' Headshot

Miles Huang


Majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Economics

Advice: Please take your advantage, go to explore the campus. There's a lot of fun!

Olivia's Headshot

Olivia Lopez


Double majoring in Environmental Science and Forestry

Involved as an SGA Senator

Advice: Seek help always!

Sonia's Headshot

Sonia John


Majoring in Biology with a minor in Anthropology

Involved in Varsity Track and Field Team, WE Board, Partners in Health Engage, BSU

Advice: The world is your oyster!

Sophia's Headshot

Sophia Venturo


Majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Communication

Involved as a Writer for the Vermont Cynic, Orientation Leader, Community Student Leader for the first-year Integrated Social Sciences Program

Advice: Be yourself! It makes your social and academic niche much easier to find.

Tyler's Headshot

Tyler Malone


Majoring in History with a minor in Global Studies

Involved with the Women's Center

Advice: Just take a nap.

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