This is a form to recommend a student for a tutoring position at the Tutoring Center. It should be completed by an instructor or an advisorAll applicants are required to obtain a signed faculty recommendation for each course they wish to tutor. Applicants have usually completed the course(s) with a B+ average or better.

Tutoring is seen as a supplement to classroom instruction, not as an alternative to attending class or reading material. During the intake process for new students, the role of the professor (and TA, where applicable) is emphasized and students are encouraged to consult faculty when they are experiencing difficulty in a course. A tutor's role is to guide students by helping them with content and by sharing appropriate study skills that can be applied to that content. Therefore, we look for students who know the material and who can model successful learning strategies.

Please provide us with your assessment of this student's ability/potential to tutor in your content area. If necessary, ask the student questions as though this person were being hired to assist you in your own course. Please use the available space at the bottom of this form if you wish to make additional comments that you feel might help determine whether or not this student should be considered for a tutoring position. Thank you for taking the time to talk with this student. If you feel that this student would make a good tutor in a course, feel free to announce the availability of a Tutoring Center tutor in any sections of that course you teach.

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