New Advisor Notes Feature in Banner

The Registrar's Office collaborated with the Faculty Senate to create an Advisor Notes process in the student information system. It is intended to support the relationship between advisors and students by providing an easy way to record notes from advising sessions in a location that can be viewed by both advisors and students. This is how it works for advisors. A new field displays on the advisee list:

Advisor Notes 1

Click on the word "Note" to go to the Create and Display Advising Notes page:

Advisor Notes 2

Advisors should be particularly aware of the guidelines in red. Advisor notes can be viewed by the student, all advisors for that student, and the Dean's Office and should be written with that in mind. For consistency within the student academic record, notes may not be edited once submitted. If a typo is made, a new note should be written amending the previous note. In the highly unlikely event that a note must be deleted, you should contact the Registrar's Office. Knowing that advising relationships can change, we have also provided a way to see all advisor notes a faculty member has written, even if students are no longer their advisees. The application is 'Display Advisor Notes That I Wrote' and is on the bottom of the advisee list in myUVM. The notes are displayed by student, with the most recent notes first. Use CTRL+F to search for a particular student.

Advisor Notes 3

Students can see their Advisor Notes within myUVM.

Advisor Notes 4

We hope you will find these systems features helpful as you advise your students.