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Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Deane Wang

Deane Wang Fellow

PhD, Forest Ecology, Yale University

MS, Plant Ecology, Cornell University

BA, General Studies, Harvard College


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Deane Wang's research has focused on biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling (nitrogen fixation, weathering, nutrient accumulation) at the ecosystem and landscape levels, sources and sinks of phosphorus in the landscape, wetlands, riparian areas, and more recently, on sustainability and education. Deane teaches courses relating to ecology and education, including conservation, sustainability, greening infrastructure, higher education, and race and culture for first year students. Working with graduate students (ecological planners and field naturalists), he emphasizes service-learning and experiential learning. Deane has also supported an undergraduate summer service corps called LANDS. Specifically, Deane teaches a Graduate Teaching Practicum, Conservation Systems & Sustainability, Land Conservation, Ecology for Sustainability, and Race and Culture in Natural Resources. He has been a Research Associate at Yale and the Institute for Ecosystem Studies, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington.

AT UVM: Deane Wang is a Professor of Natural Resources at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.

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Deane's interests span ecosystem and landscape ecology, carbon and climate change, sustainability of forest ecosystems, conservation and land stewardship

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