University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Our Purpose

At the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, we integrate natural and social sciences to understand the interactions between people and nature and to help build a sustainable future.

We are a hub for transdisciplinary scholarship, based at the University of Vermont and comprising diverse faculty, students, and collaborators worldwide. Together we conduct research at the interface of ecological, social, and economic systems, develop creative, practical solutions to local and global environmental challenges, and provide future leaders with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the transition to a sustainable society.


"Today's grand challenges lie at the intersection of environment, economics, and society.  We created the Gund Institute as a place for scholars, students, and practitioners to collaborate in developing solutions that are as integrated as the challenges themselves." 

- Zack & Grant Gund

What We're Talking About

Ecological Economics: Ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field of study that broadly examines the relationships between ecological and economic systems. Ecological economists understand that the economy is a subsystem of a larger ecological life support system, and they strive for an ecologically sustainable, socially equitable, and economically efficient future. For more, check out Daly & Farley (2010).

Transdisciplinary Scholarship: a holistic approach to research and education that aims to solve specific problems by combining tools and insights from diverse disciplines. For more, check out Pohl (2008) and citations therein.

Sustainable: refers to something capable of being maintained over the long term without causing severe ecological, economic, or social damage. For example, a sustainable society is one in which human needs are met while preserving Earth's life-support systems. For more on the science of sustainability, check out Kates (2011) or Bettencourt (2011).

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