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The Gund Institute Welcomes Four New Fellows

The Gund Institute is pleased to welcome four new Fellows: Bill Keeton, Chris Koliba, Donna Rizzo and Brian Voigt. The new Fellows hold positions throughout UVM in divergent fields and bring a range of expertise in governance, policy, modeling, engineering, and forestry. These new Fellows further strengthen Gund’s commitment to advancing interdisciplinary and applied research, which is necessary in solving complex and ever-changing environmental issues.

“We are delighted that Drs. Rizzo, Voigt, Koliba, and Keeton will be joining the Gund Institute community as Fellows.  Their work exemplifies what the Gund is about, and we are excited about the scientific collaborations and practical applications we can pursue together.” -Taylor Ricketts, Fellow and Director of the Gund Institute

Bill Keeton, Professor of Forest Ecology and Forestry, Chair of UVM of Forestry Program Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, UVM

Dr. Keeton came to UVM in 2001 and is currently a Professor of Forest Ecology and Forestry and the Chair of the UVM Forestry Program. His research focuses on forest carbon management, climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, ecologically-based silvicultural systems, structure and function of old-growth and riparian forests, natural disturbance ecology, restoration ecology, forest biodiversity, and sustainable forest management policy and practice in the U.S. and internationally. Bill is interested in developing and applying the best available science to questions of local, regional, and global environmental and forest ecosystem sustainability. He is on a number of environmentally minded boards and committees.

Chris Koliba, Director of the Master of Public Administration Program and Associate Professor in Community Development and Applied Economics, UVM

Dr. Koliba came to UVM in 1999 and has been a faculty member in CDAE since 2002. Dr. Koliba's research interests include organizational change, civic education, cross-sector collaborations, network theory and governance networks, and educational policy. He is an experienced workshop facilitator and also consults with community organizations and institutions, utilizing applied research and group development approaches to support program evaluation and organizational change.

Donna Rizzo, Associate Professor, School of Engineering, UVM

Dr. Rizzo joined UVM in the fall of 2002, and was one of the first PhD graduates of the Engineering program at UVM. Professor Rizzo has worked on computational approaches to multi-scale environmental problems, using a number of methods, including predicting local disease risk indicators from weather and developing a watershed classification system.

Brian Voigt, Research Assistant Professor at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, UVM

Dr. Voigt's research focuses on computer-based systems for modeling land use change and the interaction between humans and their environment. His interests also include: ecosystem services and natural hazards, addressing existing and emerging environmental issues through participatory modeling and spatial analysis, and creating knowledge to facilitate improved environmental management. Brian's current research topics include modeling freshwater ecosystem services and the spread of infectious disease in Tanzania and modeling environmental tradeoffs resulting from alternative development patterns in Chittenden County, VT.

Welcome to Brian, Donna, Chris and Bill!