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Gund Fellows Featured in National News Stories

Research done by Fellows at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics is receiving national and international coverage in mainstream news outlets. 

Gund Fellow Joe Roman was featured in the New Yorker's "Talk of the Town" for his unorthodox method of controlling invasive species: he cooks and consumes them -- with style. Green crabs, introduced from Europe and now voracious and prolific, often out-competing native North American shore dwellers, Roman suggests enjoying soft-shelled in spring, sauté in butter, garnishing with parley and serving with French bread. Roman has also teamed with a New Haven sushi chef to turn pesky burdock into a comestible glazed with soy sauce and honey, "to give locals a taste of their own backyards." Read the story at (subscription required)... or contact UVM University Communications.

Gund Fellow and Director the UVM Transportation Research Center, Austin Troy, discussed infrastructure for bicyclists Copenhagen for Slate Magazine. Troy writes that the city's dedication to cyclists -- building racks, lanes and timing traffic lights so bicycles never hit a green and can navigate intersections with ease -- has lead to 58 percent of Copenhageners getting on their bikes daily, a trend that saves energy and money. While only 0.4 percent of commuters currently bike in the United States, Troy believes we could catch up with a similar commitment to the needs of cyclists. Read the story at

Gund Fellow Eric Zencey, was interviewed on Public Radio International's "The World," and explains that renewable energy sources are yielding a higher rate of return than oil, asserting that, "the age of oil should be over." Zencey also talks to "The World" about reconsidering traditional measures of GDP, advocating "gross domestic transactions," to factor in additional barometers of productivity and of national happiness. Read the stories at The here... and here...

Posting from Doha, Qatar, at the United Nations-driven Conference of Parties (COP 18), Asim Zia, Gund Fellow (with co-author Stuart Kauffman), urges immediate and transformative economic shifts to avoid a widespread climate crisis. Read the post at

Finally, an opinion piece for on a global movement proposing that human well-being is as significant to measure as GDP (evidenced by a groundbreaking high-level meeting at the UN last April), notes that Vermont is one of the first U.S. states to embrace the idea, charging the Gund with developing and measuring alternative indicators. Read the story at