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Global and Local Teach-In Planned for April 25th

Want a new economy? Let's build one together.The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics announces a two teach-in events for April 25 -- one global, one local -- to address the "triple crisis" defined by economic instability, environmental degradation, and energy uncertainty. Organized by a working group of students, faculty and local citizens, the New Economy Summit aims to foster a dialogue about the need for new economic solutions.


As part of a Global Teach-In, a number of cities will be connected in real time, through a multi-hour livestream broadcast linking experts, organizers, and activists. It will feature face-to-face deliberation, teleconferencing and an internet-based broadcasting network. The University of Vermont hub will be in 108 Lafayette Hall from 12 noon to 3 pm. All are welcome to come by anytime to watch and participate.


The Vermont-based evening teach-in brings together citizens, advocates, researchers, students, professionals, and community leaders to participate in a discussion on "Building Solutions for a New Vermont Economy". The local teach-in will take place at Main Street Landing Train Station (1 Main Street, Burlington, VT), beginning with a performance by Bread and Puppet Theater at 6 pm.

The evening program is organized around three concurrent discussion tracks: (1) A New Vision for Democracy, (2) Public Investment for a New Vermont Economy, and (3) Financial Sovereignty for a Stable and Prosperous future. Break-out groups will promote links and synergies between diverse constituencies and projects to support local action to address the problems associated with the "Triple Crisis", and to discuss policy and institutional solutions at the global, national, and local levels.

Economic themes of the triple crisis include concerns over growing inequality, deindustrialization, mass unemployment, and the privatization and "de-democratization" of public goods. Environmental themes will center around pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and extinction of species. Energy discussions will focus on breaking reliance on unsustainable energy supplies, including diminished stocks of cheap oil, use of oil in hard to get or insecure areas, and substitution of land used to grow food to supply alternative fuels.


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This event is co-sponsored by the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics and Main Street Landing.