University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Robin Naidoo

Robin Naidoo Affiliate

PhD, Environmental Economics & Biodiversity Conservation University of Alberta

MSc, Biology, McGill University

BSc, Ecology, McGill University


Robin Naidoo specializes in conservation science, ecosystem services, environmental economics, landscape ecology, and wildlife ecology. His research focuses on quantifying the ecological and economic costs and benefits of conservation and how these relate to the distribution of biodiversity. For the last six years, Robin has worked for WWF investigating questions surrounding the conservation of biodiversity. His current research is largely focused on understanding the ecology, economics, and conservation of wildlife in Namibia's Community-Based Natural Resources Management program. Robin's research work has been published in a variety of journals, including those devoted to economics, ecology, conservation, and interdisciplinary issues. Prior to joining WWF he graduated with a Ph.D. in conservation biology and environmental economics from the University of Alberta, and conducted post-doctoral research in Paraguay on Atlantic rainforest conservation while acting as the director of research for a local non-governmental organization.

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