University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Mairi-Jane Fox

Mairi-Jane Fox PhD Student, RSENR

MS, Ecological Economics, University of Edinburgh


Advisor: Jon Erickson

A former teacher and dedicated researcher, Mairi-Jane Fox holds a Masters of Science in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh and undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. With a global background, she has researched carbon capture & storage, corporate social responsibility, education theory, well-being & work, and heterodox economic theories & measurement tools. Mairi-Jane aims to be a discipline-connector, thought-encourager, and big-picture-synthesizer. Prior to coming to RSENR Mairi-Jane was an impassioned adjunct professor at Colorado State University, where she taught Environmental Economics and the Economics of Gender, as well as being a PhD candidate in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources. Additional jobs Mairi-Jane has held include composing sections of environmental impact assessment and training colleagues about oil companies' health, safety, security and environment procedures at an international environmental consulting company; educating children as a classroom teacher and being a devoted teacher mentor; serving on the boards of various non-profits; and writing situation reports for a private intelligence agency.

Research Interests: Alternative Economic Indicators, Stakeholder Engagement, Ecosystem Services, Extractive Industry Impacts, Corporate Social Responsiblity
Dissertation: In Progress

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