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Students Say

"Doing my doctoral work at the Gund provided me with true interdisciplinary training that has enabled me to be successful as a scientist in today's world. The Gund is one of the few places teaching students how to take a systems-based perspective on the critical problems facing our planet."

- Kenneth Mulder, Gund Alumni

"The Gund is where people are tackling the roots of environmental and social problems, and not just talking about how to treat the symptoms. This requires collaboration across traditional academic silos and the Gund has been a great platform for this sort of cross-fertilization."

- Aaron Witham, Gund Alumni

"My broad interests in food systems and sustainability were right at home in the transdisciplinary environment of the Gund. Being here has also empowered me to question my assumptions about the role of the economy in our social and ecological lives."

- Alison Nihart, Gund Alumni

By becoming a Gund Graduate Student Fellow, UVM students join the Gund Institute community and gain exposure to a wide range of expertise, perspectives, and techniques through course offerings, weekly discussions, seminars, and research mentoring. Many pursue a graduate certificate in Ecological Economics. 

How It Works

Master's and Ph.D. students work with Gund Fellows in conducting transdisciplinary research. Fellows have faculty appointments in several departments and schools at UVM, and students receive degrees in the home department of their advisor. 

If you are interested in graduate research with the Gund Institute, we encourage you to:

  • Browse our current Gund Fellows to learn about their interests
  • Check out our current students to see what they work on and who advises them
  • Contact specific Gund members whose interests match your own
  • Look through our recent Publications

Once admitted to your home department, becoming a Gund Graduate Student Fellow is simple:

  • Ask a current Gund Fellow or Student Fellow to nominate you
  • Once nominated, send a brief statement of interest and resume to the Gund Institute.

Bridging Disciplines

The UVM departments and schools with strongest faculty connections to the Gund are:

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