University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Roel Boumans

Roel Boumans Affiliate

PhD, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State U

MA, Landscape Ecology, Universiteit van Amsterdam

BA, Biology, Universiteit van Amsterdam



Roel Boumans is a pioneer in developing the concepts behind dynamic GIS systems modeling and has published several peer reviewed papers on the subject. He is the Director for AFORDable Futures, a leader in the design and application of ecosystem based management tools to include the Multiscale Integrated Model of Ecosystem Services (MIMES). He also serves as a Special Government Employee for the US Environmental Protection Agency to help them forward their thinking on Ecosystem Services. Roel joined the Maryland Institute of Ecological Economics as an Associate Research Scientist in 1996. His work at ISEE focused on processes from various ecosystems that take place at the landscape level within the Patuxent River watershed, and the development of landscape modeling protocol that largely makes use of computer technology to structure ecological data into a temporal and spatially relevant database structure. He moved with the ISEE to Vermont to work at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. As an ecological economist Roel has worked on issues concerning the conceptualization and valuation of ecosystem services and was the designer builder of the Global Unified Metamodel of the Biosphere (GUMBO). He also speaks on panels and teaches courses worldwide. Roel's work as an estuarine ecologist inspired the Christmas tree fencing projects in Louisiana and led to the development of the Surface Elevation Table.

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