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Elena Bennett

Elena Bennett Affiliate


PhD, Limnology and Marine Sciences, University of Wisconsin

M.Sc., Land Resources, University of Wisconsin


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Dr. Bennett is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and McGill School of Environment at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. Her research generally revolves around interests in understanding and managing ecosystem services. She is interested in how the types of ecosystem services interact across the landscape and how humans can manage landscapes to provide multiple ecosystems services, the trade-offs between agricultural production and water quality, and learning how people change Phosphorus (P) cycles through farming, trade, and other activities, and how this, in turn impacts water quality. It is really important to her to do research that is, in some way, providing a useful product (information, understanding, or some other tool) to the public. Thus, she is also working on other issues in ecosystem management, urban ecology, communication of science to the public and other policy-makers, and building understanding of theories behind ecosystem management (including the resilience of ecosystems and human institutions, and the use of science in management decisions).

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