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An image of a sailboat on Vermont's Lake Champlain at sunset. The visual appearance of Lake Champlain – specifically, how clean its water looks – has a major effect on the state economy, a new UVM study finds. The research was made possible with support from the Lake Champlain Basin Program. Photo: Sally McCay.


Price of Beauty? For Lake Champlain, it’s $17 Million Per Meter

New UVM research puts a hefty price tag on Lake Champlain’s natural beauty.

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Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

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A photo of UVM PhD student Keri Bryan Watson, who led the first study to calculate the economic value of river wetlands and floodplains during Tropical Storm Irene and other flood events that have struck the U.S. East Coast in recent years. The photo shows Watson smiling, standing on a floodplain in Vermont. Photo by Will Watson.


Floodplains Saved Middlebury $1.8M in Damage

Wetlands and floodplains protect Vermont towns from millions of dollars in flood damage, a new UVM study finds.

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Lini Wollenberg


Paris Climate Agreement Cannot Be Met Without Cutting Farm Emissions

Agricultural emissions, largely absent in Paris Climate deal, must be slashed to keep climate change within acceptable levels, UVM study finds.

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