Below are all the modules worked through. To view the specific material in each module click the module name.

Module 0: SWAC Philosophy and Introduction
Module 1: Electromagnetic Radiation - Core Concepts
Module 2: Cloud Physics, Types and Outdoor Activites
Module 3: Cloud Forecasting
Module 4: Land Surface Interpretation - Basics
Module 5: Ballon Launch
Module 6: Land Surface Interpretation Applications - Permafrost
Module 7: Google Earth and Other Geoviewers
Module 8: Air Quality
Module 9: Winter Storm Cyclogenesis
Module 10: Using Photochips Around Your School
Module 11: Introduction to the Common Core
Module 12: Hazards - Case Study of the 2011 Tsunami and Fallout in Japan
Module 13: Interpreting Climate Change
Module 14: Astronomy - The Nature of Light
Module 15: Climate, Phenology and Satellites (Fieldwork)
Module 16: Airphoto Interpretation with Field Verification (Fieldwork)
Module 17: Case Study of Tropical Storm Irene with Special Reference to Vermont
Module 18: Severe Weather - Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Module 19: Northeast Winter Snowstorms
Module 20: Seasonal Weather Variability
Module 21: Google Earth Application - Hurricane Andrew
Module 22: Investigating Your Local Watershed
Module 23: Modern Weather Prediction
Module 24: Experiments for Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Flux
Module 25: Art and Higher Ordered Learning Applied to Weather and Climate
Module 26: Stream Geomorphology - Lab and Fieldwork
Module 27: Phenology
Module 28: 2012 Drought - A Case Study
Module 29: Flooding
Module 30: Weather Map Interpretation - UNYSIS
Module 31: Incorporating SWAC into Earth Science Curriculum
Module 32: Blocking Patterns
Module 33: Atmospheric Science and the Mathematics Commmon Core Standards
Module 34: Earth's Climate Energy Source
Module 35: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Awareness Fall 2013
Module 36: Polar Vortex
Module 37: Using SWACSonde Technology & Balloon Launches in Your Classroom
Module 38: Demonstrations of SWAC Methodology in K-12 Classrooms (no materials)
Module 39: Advanced Project-Based Learning Workshop
Module 40: Agriculture and Forestry in a Changing Climate
Module 41: Hurricane Formation and Forecasting
Module 42: Anthropogenic Climate Change - Urban Heat Islands
Module 43: Radar Principles
Module 44: Oxbow High School - First Year Academy (Grade 9) 
Module 45: Nimble & flexible - Implementing SWAC Technology in Your K-12 Classrooms
Module 46: Historical Winters
Module 47: Understanding the Science of Climate Change
Module 48: Glorious Skies

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