Students in the CCV Liberal Studies A.A. program can pursue a UVM Studio Art B.A. program.

The Department of Art and Art History offers three programs: Studio Art, Art History, and Art Education. A major in one of the first two leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and the Art Education program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Studio Art and Art History are chosen as majors by students who see either of these programs as an excellent foundation for a liberal arts education, by those who have aspirations to continue on to graduate study, and by students who are interested in a career in the arts. Art Education integrates an interest in art with the option of a teaching career in elementary, secondary, or alternative environments. At UVM, these three programs are closely intertwined. Art History and Studio Art major requirements include courses from both program areas and Art Education combines courses from Studio Art and Art History with offerings from the College of Education. Thus, students in degree programs in the Department can pursue their specific interests while developing a multi-faceted understanding of art.

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What's a Pathway Program?

These academic paths guarantee qualified students from our partner institutions junior status at the time they transfer to UVM. Students considering any of these 2+2 or 3+2 programs are encouraged to work closely with the academic coordinator at your current institution.

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