Students in the CCV Behavioral Science A.S. program can pursue a UVM Political Science B.A. program.

Harold Lasswell, one of the founders of political science as an academic discipline, defined the field as the study of "who gets what, when and how." As the role of the state has grown — in the economy, education, environment, health, culture, international interactions, and many other fields — understanding governance and the political process has become essential to explaining modern life.

The academic field of political science is divided into four subfields: American politics, political theory, international relations, and comparative politics (the study of the domestic politics of countries other than the United States). At the University of Vermont, students can take courses in all four subfields from experienced teachers who are also leading scholars in their areas of research. Whether students are interested in American politics, law, women's issues, environmental politics, political theory, international relations, or the politics of different world areas, they will find members of the department teaching courses and doing cutting-edge research in their fields of interest.

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What's a Pathway Program?

These academic paths guarantee qualified students from our partner institutions junior status at the time they transfer to UVM. Students considering any of these 2+2 or 3+2 programs are encouraged to work closely with the academic coordinator at your current institution.

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