Students in the CCV STEM Studies A.S. program can pursue a UVM Mathematical Sciences B.S. with a major in Mathematics program.

Mathematics permeates every aspect of our daily lives. In support of this, the mathematics curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation for anyone who is interested in developing their ability to navigate our increasingly quantitative society. All students are introduced to the power and breadth of mathematics and to core ideas and techniques in the discipline. Courses that emphasize written and oral communication of quantitative information increase the value to the student of this mathematical knowledge.

The flexible curriculum enables each student to focus on a particular area of interest. This flexibility is especially important given the widely varying interests and career goals of our students. Students planning on a career in a technical field may choose to focus on courses in applied mathematics. Those planning on graduate school in mathematics or in a closely related field will benefit from the more advanced elective courses needed for graduate-level studies. Those interested in law, business, teaching, or other pursuits have the opportunity to freely sample from all areas according to their interests.

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What's a Pathway Program?

These academic paths guarantee qualified students from our partner institutions junior status at the time they transfer to UVM. Students considering any of these 2+2 or 3+2 programs are encouraged to work closely with the academic coordinator at your current institution.

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