Students in the CCV Environmental Science A.S. program can pursue a UVM Environmental Studies B.A. program.

The Environmental Studies Program at University of Vermont was established in 1972 to meet the need for greater understanding of the ecological and cultural systems supporting all life on earth. This broadly interdisciplinary program is a campus-wide program serving students in four colleges across the university. The faculty are committed interdisciplinary thinkers drawing on the sciences, social sciences, and humanities to create a lively hub, addressing local and global issues with equal concern. We believe in collaborative problem-solving and the power of human imagination to create a more sustainable future.

The Environmental Program offers a major in Environmental Studies (ENVS) that can be pursued in three different colleges, including the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. Students can choose which college best suits their broad educational needs and then pursue the Environmental Studies major from within that college. While major requirements differ slightly from college to college, the core curriculum is the same. Following the introductory courses and working closely with faculty advisors, each student creates a plan for an individually-designed major concentration in their focus area(s) of choice. This learning plan culminates in a final capstone project, thesis, internship, or advanced courses usually carried out in the senior year.

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