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GoAbroad serves as UVM's approved study abroad program database. It contains details for all of UVM's currently running approved programs.

GoAbroad allows students to search for study abroad programs based on many different characteristics including academic requirements, regional interests, type of program, and duration of stay.

GoAbroad also acts as the UVM study abroad approval process, and gives students a personalized to-do list of forms to complete and actions to take during the study abroad application and predeparture processes. Completing the pre-decision and post-decision phases of this checklist is how UVM students become approved to study abroad.

Searching for a program in GoAbroad

You can search for a program in GoAbroad by clicking on the "search programs" button on the home page. This will take you to the Map Search function, where you can search for programs based on region. If you want to start a new search, you can click the house button on the top left hand corner of the map.

If you are interested in taking classes in particular academic areas, or want to only consider programs offered in a given term, or are interested only in exchanges or programs that offer internships, or any other number of different program characteristics- the Advanced Search button above the map will be most useful for you. Click on this and then choose from the listed search parameters. You can search on more than one parameter, even within one parameter category, by holding down the CTRL key (PC) or Command key (Mac). Once you search, you will receive a list of the programs that fit the parameters you chose. If there are no programs that fit your parameters, no programs will show up- OIE would recommend reviewing your search terms and selecting fewer of them. Clicking on a program title from your search list will bring you to that program's brochure, which should offer you information about the program and links to the program's external website if applicable.

Applying to a program in GoAbroad

Once you have found a program you would like to apply to, click the "Apply Now" button on that program's information page. You will log in with your UVM NetID and password, and choose a term to apply for. Then, you will begin your GoAbroad checklist- the UVM study abroad approval process. 

  • For external/direct-enroll programs and ISEP programs (including ISEP Exchanges), students will additionally need to apply on their program's website. There should be links for applying to your program directly on your program's information page, which you can always refer to by clicking on the "view program" button to the left of your checklist.
    • If you are applying to multiple ISEP sites, you can apply to them within one single application on ISEP's website. In GoAbroad, please just choose your top choice ISEP site to apply to: there is no need to have multiple ISEP applications open on GoAbroad. We will update your record with the correct site once ISEP issues you your placement.
  • For UVM bilateral exchange programs, the entire application for nomination to exchange sites is housed within GoAbroad, and you will not need to apply on an external website until after you are nominated for an exchange by OIE.
    • Remember, you can apply to more than one bilateral exchange with just one application, so choose your top choice UVM bilateral exchange to apply under- you do not need separate applications to other UVM bilateral exchanges.
  • Currently, UVM Travel Study courses and the UVM Semester in Costa Rica have different application processes, in addition to their checklists in GoAbroad. Please check with your course/semester faculty leader for more information.

Please refer to the application deadlines page to make sure you submit your pre-decision checklist, and complete your external program application (if applicable), by UVM's deadlines.

Completing your GoAbroad checklist

In order to receive UVM approval to study abroad, students must complete their GoAbroad pre-decision and post-decision checklists. The pre-decision phase of your checklist occurs prior to your acceptance to your program. After you are accepted, you will be able to move into the post-decision phase of your GoAbroad checklist.

The GoAbroad checklist is designed to:

  • help you plan for studying abroad
  • better understand the financial aspects of study abroad
  • provide guidance on the course transfer process
  • provide health and safety information and resources
  • provide relevant UVM offices (like OIE, SFS, Transfer Affairs, and your College/School) with the information needed to help you be successful abroad

Your GoAbroad checklist (including both pre-decision and post-decision checklists) should be complete by November 15/May 1st in the semester prior to your study abroad experience. Otherwise, you will not receive UVM approval to study abroad.


First, thank you so much for everything you do to support students' plans to expand their horizons and study abroad. We recognize that adjusting to new systems can be challenging, and it is our goal to make the process as seamless as possible. If you have any questions about GoAbroad's requirements, how to use the system, or any aspect of GoAbroad, please do not hesitate to contact OIE. We will be glad to help!

The Study Abroad Academic Planning Form (before a student is accepted to their program)

Each student is required to meet with their academic advisor before they apply to their study abroad program. They should complete an Academic Planning Form for Study Abroad with their advisor, which the student should supply. These forms are different for each college and can be found on the Study Abroad Forms page. At this stage, the student needs advice about what courses or types of courses they should plan to look for abroad, and what semester/year might be best for the student to consider a study abroad program. The academic advisor does not need to tell the student what program might be best for them, although they are welcome to make suggestions. If you as an advisor get this type of question from students, please do not hesitate to refer the student to schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor in OIE.

The Faculty or Staff Academic Advisor Study Abroad Approval Form (after a student is accepted to their program)

Some colleges require students to complete this form with their academic advisor. This is different than the earlier Academic Planning Form for Study Abroad; the student now knows where and when they are going abroad, and is planning out the courses they may take abroad in more detail, including how individual classes from abroad may transfer back to UVM. The student should come to you with more concrete knowledge about what is offered at their host program/university. This meeting should go over how classes which transfer back to UVM may fulfill degree requirements.




Access goabroad here

For questions, please:

  • Refer to our FAQs
  • Contact OIE if you can't find the answer- we are happy to help!