This page has resources for faculty and staff who are supporting international students. If you are a faculty or staff member looking for information about your own immigration status or if you are a department representative looking for information on bringing a foreign national to campus, please see the International Scholar Services section of our website.

Teaching Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a great starting point for faculty and staff working with multilingual and multicultural learners in a classroom setting. Its website has a list of on-campus and online resources. It also offers workshops to support faculty and staff with multilingual and multicultural students. Check out CTL's calendar to see what is being offered in the near future.

Communication Resources

The Office of International Education periodically offers workshops to faculty and staff which support working with international populations more effectively. These include workshops on verbal and written communication to be more inclusive. We also can offer workshops to provide an overview of the international population at UVM and the services our office provides. These workshop are offered periodically through UVM's Professional Development and Training. They are also available to be presented to departments and other groups by special request. Contact our office at to inquire about a workshop for your department or group.

Advising Resources

International students are required to follow federal rules and regulations around enrollment, work authorizations, and more during their time at UVM. As an advisor, it can be tough to keep track of it all. Here are some common topics of interest for advisors:

Have additional questions about these topics or anything else related to rules and regulations that international students are required to follow? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Employment Resources

Campus partners are often interested in knowing more about employing international students or about the employment opportunities that international students can consider as part of their educational pursuits at UVM. We've put together a quick reference guide that covers the basics of hiring UVM international students. OIE advisors are also happy to answer additional questions about specific opportunities.