Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible to apply to study abroad through UVM you must meet the requirements below. Program providers and outside institutions may have different eligibility requirements. More stringent conduct record requirements may be imposed by UVM short-term, semester, or exchange programs as stated in their applications.

    1. Be a degree-seeking student

    You must be a degree-seeking student and have been enrolled at UVM as a degree-seeking student the semester before the planned study abroad term. Continuing Education students are only eligible to study abroad on short-term UVM programs. Students who are on a leave of absence or otherwise are not enrolled in UVM classes the semester prior to the planned study abroad term must be granted permission by their academic dean's office and the Assistant Director of Study Abroad.

    2. Have sophomore standing

    You should have at least sophomore standing to study abroad. Transfer students need to have completed at least one semester at UVM before applying to study abroad. Seniors may study abroad, but residency requirements state that 30 of your final 45 credits must be taken at UVM (so: if during your last three semesters you take 15 credits each semester, you can spend one of those semesters abroad).

    3. Have a minimum GPA of 2.50

    You must have a minimum UVM cumulative GPA of 2.50. Students with a cumulative GPA under a 2.50 and above a 2.0 may seek permission to study abroad by submitting an Academic Eligibility Form (PDF) to their academic dean's office for consideration. Keep in mind that even if your dean's office approves your participation in study abroad, you may still have difficulties getting accepted to your chosen program if your GPA is lower than the program's minimum GPA. Most programs' minimum GPAs are 2.75 or 3.0. Contact OIE to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss eligibility requirements.

    4. Have no academic dismissals

    You cannot have been academically dismissed nor be on academic trial or probation at the time of application.

    5. Have no suspensions

    You cannot have ever been suspended, nor be on deferred suspension at the time of application.

    6. Get approval to study abroad

    You must obtain approval to study abroad by completing the GoAbroad process (pre-decision and post-acceptance phases). Your School/College and Academic Advisor will approve you to study abroad as a part of this process.

    Application Deadlines

      Spring and Calendar Year Programs Summer, Fall, and Academic Year Programs
    UVM Semester Programs Contact travel.student@uvm.edu for deadlines Not applicable
    UVM Bilateral Exchange August 10 January 10
    ISEP August 10 January 10
    External Programs September 15 February 15

    The final deadlines for all programs are September 15 for spring semester and February 15 for summer, fall, and academic year. Please note that some exchange sites (UVM bilateral and ISEP) will fill by their application deadlines, so we strongly encourage you to apply by the earlier exchange program deadline.


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    “Absolutely go abroad, if it is at all possible. The wealth of new experiences, skills, growth, and fun you will have is worth much more than whatever reservations you may have. It will probably be the experience that will define your college career and be a point of reference in your life for many years to come.”

    -- Grant Thorn, Class of 2017