Dear Families,

We at the Office of International Education would like to extend our thanks for your support and encouragement as your student begins one of the most important experiences of their college career. Studying abroad is an opportunity for your student to enhance their worldview and to become an engaged global citizen ready to take on the world’s most pressing issues. It is a moment in their college careers that will produce lifelong memories and positively influence your student’s personal, academic, and professional growth.

OIE is here to support your student before, during, and after their overseas experience. Your student’s health and safety is our number one priority, and we work hard to ensure your student will be successful in their endeavors. The OIE strives to help students develop the independence they need to be successful abroad, and we acknowledge that your support is tantamount in helping us achieve this.

We hope that the following information will serve as a resource for both you and your student as they navigate the study abroad process. We are here to answer any questions your student may have, and we look forward to working in partnership with you as your student prepares for departure.


Kim Howard
Director, Office of International Education