Study Abroad Forms

Below are links to all the necessary forms required for students to be approved to study abroad, via the UVM study abroad approval process in GoAbroad. Your GoAbroad checklist will guide you through your requirements, and will direct you to this page when necessary. 

Academic Planning Forms (for students in pre-decision phase of GoAbroad)

These are the Academic Planning Forms required for the "Meet with your Academic Advisor" form in GoAbroad. Please choose the worksheet for your college and bring it to your academic advisor. Then follow the directions on the worksheet detailing where you should turn it in. 

Budget Sheet Templates

In the post-acceptance phase of GoAbroad, depending on your study abroad program and financial aid package, you may be required to make a budget sheet and submit it to Student Financial Services in order to transfer your aid to your study abroad program. SFS will contact you at your UVM email address to tell you if they need a budget sheet from you. 

If you are required to submit a budget sheet to Student Financial Services, you will meet with a SFS advisor and go over how your specific financial aid package will fit into your study abroad plans. To find out more about how financial aid is affected by study abroad and what forms of aid are applicable to which types of programs, please see our Finances page.

Study Abroad Course Planning Worksheet

The Study Abroad Course Planning Worksheet (Word) can be completed by students after they have been accepted into their program, but before they meet with their academic advisor for final approval to study abroad. It is a helpful worksheet to help you plan out what courses you will take abroad.

Faculty/Staff Advisor Study Abroad Approval Forms (for students in post-acceptance phase of GoAbroad)

Students are required to meet with their faculty or staff academic advisor in the post-acceptance phase of GoAbroad to discuss eligibility requirements and the types of classes the student plans to take while abroad, and to complete a Faculty/Staff Advisor Study Abroad Approval Form. Please follow the directions in your GoAbroad account that pertain to your college, each college's process is slightly different. The links to your college's Faculty/Staff Advisor Study Abroad Approval Form are in GoAbroad, but you can also find them here.


The Study Abroad Pre-Departure Guidebook

All students studying abroad through the Office of International Education must read the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Guidebook. It is a comprehensive guide broken into eight sections, and is designed to prepare you to have a successful study abroad experience. In GoAbroad's post-acceptance checklist, students are required to sign a document stating that they have read it in full. They will also be required to take a quiz that covers its contents, and must pass with a 92% or better in order to study abroad.