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Hundreds of UVM students go abroad each year on numerous different types of programs. Each program type has their own benefits. UVM students must study abroad on an approved study abroad program. Approved study abroad programs can be found by searching through the GoAbroad database

UVM Semester Programs

These programs incorporate teaching from UVM faculty while students are abroad.  Federal financial aid, UVM scholarships, grants, and loans may be eligible to travel with students on these programs.


Exchange programs allow for UVM students to study at an international university and for an international student to take their place at UVM for a semester or year. There are two types of exchange programs: UVM bilateral exchange and ISEP exchange. The experience is largely the same between these two programs, however the application process is different.

Exchange programs are often the most affordable study abroad options for UVM students. For more information, please see Finances.

Bilateral Exchange Programs:

UVM has agreements with over 20 institutions around the world. A bilateral exchange implies that students study at a host partner institution while an international student in turn studies at UVM. Students interested in participating on a bilateral exchange program should apply through GoAbroad.

ISEP Exchange Programs:

ISEP is a consortium of member institutions that allows UVM to expand exchange opportunities to over 40 countries. It is important to note that not all ISEP sites are available to UVM students. Students should research ISEP programs through GoAbroad and communicate with OIE to ensure that an ISEP site is available and is the best fit.

For a list of UVM's current exchange programs, visit the Exchange Opportunities page.

External Programs

External programs include programs run by other institutions, third party program providers, or direct enroll options. Students should research their options in GoAbroad. Students do not pay UVM tuition during this time. Federal financial aid and UVM loans are eligible to travel with students on these programs. UVM scholarships and grants are not available to students for their duration abroad.

Short-Term Travel Study

These programs are taught by UVM professors abroad and are offered during winter break, spring break, and summer break. Federal financial aid, UVM scholarships, grants, and loans may be eligible to travel with students on these programs. For more information, please visit the Travel Study website.

Independent Research, Internships, Practicums, and Rotations Abroad

UVM students may participate in independent research, internships, practicums, or rotations abroad for credit, or students may pursue experiences abroad during summer or other break periods that they find on their own but do not convey academic credit. For more details, see our page on Independent Travel.

Rally Cat in Northern Ireland

“Be open minded, but also be aware of your personal limits. Design your experience based on what you think is best for you. There are so many different study abroad options here at UVM that you have the power to build your perfect experience.”

-- Molly Weber, Ifrane, Morocco