Studying abroad requires financial planning in advance, so you will need to know your personal and family resources as well as how studying abroad will impact your financial aid eligibility for the time that you are abroad. For information on how your financial aid package and UVM scholarships might apply to study abroad, please review the Student Financial Services website and contact them for details on your specific aid package.


Budget Sheets

If you receive financial aid and want to take eligible aid with you when you go abroad, you are required to complete a Budget Sheet.

  • Students going on exchange and direct enroll programs will have their budget sheets completed for them by their study abroad advisor.
  • Students going on external programs may need to complete a budget sheet themselves, depending on whether they receive an email from Student Financial Services requesting one.
    • Templates for budget sheets are found on the Study Abroad Forms page.
    • If you are required to complete a budget sheet, you should fill out the appropriate template according to the costs of your program and required additional costs like airfare, visas, etc. All costs should be documented, you can find guidance on creating your external program budget sheet here. If you find you have further questions after consulting that page, you can ask your program provider and/or Study Abroad Advisor for assistance. Attach any and all cost documentation to your completed budget sheet and bring it to Student Financial Services.
    • If you need assistance filling out your budget sheet after reading through the budget sheet guidance page, look at our Calendar of Events to see if there are any upcoming Budget Sheet Help Sessions.

Finances of UVM Semester Programs

Students participating in the UVM Costa Rica semester program or "UVM in..." semester programs pay their usual tuition to UVM. UVM grants and scholarships are eligible for use on these programs, as is federal financial aid.

Finances of Exchange Programs

Currently, Vermont resident students pay the UVM in-state tuition rate, and out-of-state students pay tuition at the “exchange rate” which is equivalent to a 40% reduction on out-of-state tuition. Financial aid, including UVM grants and scholarships, can apply to exchange programs.  UVM grants and scholarships are reduced for out-of-state students to account for the reduction in tuition. For more information, please see the Student Financial Services website.

Finances of External and Direct-Enroll Programs

Students participating in approved programs sponsored by other organizations or institutions will not qualify for UVM grants and scholarships during their time abroad, but may continue to use federal and state aid to assist in financing their study abroad programs. Additional information is available from Student Financial Services. Outside of the UVM study abroad fee, bills are paid directly to the outside organization or institution.

Financial aid packages will be recalculated to reflect the costs of the study abroad program. Parent PLUS and alternative loans are available through federal and private loan providers to help finance external programs. Your financial aid eligibility will be reduced if your total program cost is less than the standard cost of enrolling for the same period at UVM. Notify Student Financial Services promptly of any changes to the costs or course load associated with your program. If you receive outside grants or scholarships, be sure to check with the sponsoring organization about how these benefits or scholarships might be applied to costs for your study abroad program.

Federal financial aid will disburse to UVM ten days before the UVM semester begins or your study abroad program starts (whichever is later). That means that you may have already started classes before you receive your federal financial aid. Some external/direct enroll programs will require you to pay for tuition and/or housing upfront, before you receive your financial aid. There may be steps you can take to alleviate this to an extent (like completing payment deferral paperwork, or supplying a letter from SFS that details your financial aid), but not all programs may allow this. Make sure you know ahead of time what your program/host university requires.

Finances of UVM Short-Term Travel Study

Students who participate in short-term travel-study courses pay tuition directly to UVM. Tuition for winter break courses is included in your spring course load, unless you register for more than 18 credits or unless you are enrolled in a study abroad program for spring semester in which case tuition charges are additional.

Study Abroad Fee

Students who study abroad for a semester or any non-UVM summer program pay a study abroad fee. The fee is $500 for a semester or full-year program and $250 for summer programs not run by UVM. Students pay the fee through their myUVM billing account, payment is due on standard UVM billing dates. Students will receive their billing notifications by email when they are ready. The fee primarily covers the expenses associated with having personnel available to provide study abroad advising services up to and beyond the point of departure. When the fee is paid, these additional items are triggered administratively:

  • Allows you to remain enrolled as a full-time UVM student, ensuring continued student status for health insurance coverage and, when applicable, financial aid.
  • Allows you to register for the following semester's classes at UVM at the same time as on-campus students.
  • Facilitates your credits to transfer back to UVM upon successful completion and review of course material.
  • Provides UVM administrative support services while abroad including access to Study Abroad Advisors, Transfer Affairs advisors, and Student Financial Services advisors, as well as access to the UVM library.
  • Enrolls you with International SOS, UVM's health and safety emergency services provider.


To assist you in funding your study abroad experience, OIE has compiled a list of scholarships and grants available for study abroad. This list is meant to be a starting point for you and is not comprehensive. Check with individual organizations and programs to find the most up-to-date, complete, and accurate information.

UVM Funding:

  • Buckham Overseas Program Travel Scholarship
    • Contact the English department for more information.

Government and Non-Profit Funding:

Visit the UVM National Scholarships & Fellowships Advising website for additional guidance regarding the government and non-profit scholarships above.

External Funding:

Many of our approved external study abroad programs offer scholarships to their participants. Be sure to research scholarship opportunities available through the programs you are considering.

Shanghai, China

“There is very little holding you back from making a study abroad trip a reality. This as an excellent opportunity to enjoy a uniquely rich and fulfilling experience and it should not be let go of lightly.”

--Daniel Gehan, Brno, Czech Republic