Continuing your International Experience on Campus

We're happy to have you back! Now that you’ve returned from abroad, you may be thinking about what to do next. Look below for logistical tips on returning from abroad, and for opportunities to continue your international experience here at UVM.

Curious about how to utilize your study abroad experience in your future career? Start by looking at the Study Abroad and your Career.

Adjust back to the US and UVM

  • Many students find that the adjustment back to the US and UVM can be more challenging in some ways than adjusting to their study abroad host country. This can be called "re-entry adjustment". Take note of the advice offered in the Pre-Departure Guidebook's Cultural Adjustment page, especially the "Suggestions for a Smoother Cultural Adjustment" section. This advice is useful when returning to the US as well as when you adjusted to your host country.
  • Keep in mind that staff at the OIE would love to hear about your experience abroad and is happy to talk with you about adjusting back to the US. All UVM study abroad staff have had significant experience living, working, and traveling abroad, so we've experienced cultural adjustment also.
  • If you are struggling with the adjustment and would like to speak with a counselor, CAPS is available to provide counseling services and other resources as well.  

Confirm Credit Transfer

Make sure you provide a transcript from your host university to the Office of Transfer Affairs. This will require you to have paid any outstanding bills to your host university or program provider, as most universities/programs will not send a transcript without full payment.

You may also want to request several copies of your official transcript for yourself. These should remain sealed (do not open them). In the future, should you apply for graduate school or for a position that requires your college transcripts, you will have copies to send out without having to contact your host university or program provider.

Bring all of your course materials home—especially syllabi and graded assignments, papers, or exams. These materials may be needed to finalize credit transfer and determine the “level” of a class. For more information, take a look at the Earning Academic Credit page.

Enter the Study Abroad Photo Contest

Each year, the OIE holds a Study Abroad Photo Contest for UVM students who have studied abroad on an approved program. OIE uses the photos submitted for the contest to help inspire more UVM students to study abroad. All winners will receive a prize of CAT$cratch added to your CATcard. The Spring 2024 photo contest is now closed.

Volunteer with OIE

One of the best ways to integrate your study abroad experiences with your life at UVM is to get involved with newly arriving international and exchange students at OIE.

  • The Buddy Program pairs international students with American students for cultural exchanges. This could encompass anything from greeting students at the airport when they first arrive, to serving as their UVM representative and helping them get oriented to on- and off-campus life.
  • You can also bring your international experiences to UVM by participating in the planning and preparations for campus events. There are many activities and events planned every year, including during International Education Week in November and International Women's Day in March. Check your UVM email for upcoming opportunities!

Get Involved in International Clubs and Activities

We hope that you will share your international experience on campus by attending campus events and getting involved in international clubs. These events and activities allow you to connect with UVM study abroad students and faculty to talk about your unique experience, cultural readjustment, and opportunities in international careers. At some events, you may have the opportunity to meet an international student here at UVM from where you studied abroad. Review our Calendar of Events or Facebook for upcoming events, and take a look at the UVM Organizations Directory to find an international club.

Become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor

Peer advisors are study abroad returnees who work at OIE and help to promote study abroad at UVM. Their tasks include providing guidance to students interested in study abroad, maintaining the study abroad database, promoting study abroad on campus, and assisting in pre-departure orientation sessions. Study abroad returnees who are enthusiastic, motivated, and who have a federal work-study grant are encouraged to apply for a peer advisor position. 



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