Become a Gund Graduate Fellow.

UVM doctoral, masters and graduate certificate students with strong interests in transdisciplinary research and the Gund Institute’s mission are eligible to apply to become Gund Graduate Fellows.

By becoming a Gund Graduate Fellow, UVM students join the Institute’s global professional network, gaining exposure to a wide range of expertise, perspectives, and techniques through course offerings, weekly discussions, seminars, and research mentoring.

Students with Gund PhD Fellowships automatically become Graduate Fellows. Graduate Fellows’ formal UVM appointments are the home units of their advisors. Many pursue the Ecological Economics Graduate Certificate.

Nomination Process

Once admitted to your home department at UVM, becoming a Gund Graduate Fellow is simple:

  • Ask a current Gund Fellow or Graduate Fellow to nominate you
  • Nominators, send an email to Ben Morgan (Office Manager) outlining the rationale behind your nomination
  • The Office Manager will then invite the nominee to apply via our application portal. They will be asked for a CV and letter of interest indicating how their research interests align with the Gund mission and priorities
  • The Program Manager makes recommendations to the Director, who makes final appointment decisions on new Graduate Fellows
  • New Graduate Fellows are accepted once a semester


  • Participate in collaborative research efforts among Gund Community members
  • Access to Gund workshops and seminars
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to enrichment funds to support research costs, travel, publication, etc
  • Access to facilities and resources of Farrell Hall


  • Participate regularly in Gund seminars and events
  • Facilitate at least one Gund seminar per year
  • Participate in Graduate Fellows meetings
  • Communicate Gund affiliation in websites, emails, publications, and social media
  • Serve on occasional Gund committees (e.g., Diversity Committee, Culture Club)