The Student Services team is located in Perkins 101, and is delighted to support you as a member of the College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences. We look forward to working with you throughout your time as a UVM student.


You will use the Navigate App to:

  • View advisor availability
  • Reserve an appointment
  • Add your name to the queue for drop-in office hours



Advising meetings are available in-person or remotely using Microsoft Teams.
If you haven't already, we highly encourage you to download and begin to familiarize yourself with the platform.

DROP-IN OFFICE HOURS (Remote and in-person)

Career (in-person): Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Academic (in-person and remote): Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
For in-person drop-in office hours, please visit us in Perkins 101. If you would like to join office hours remotely, use your Navigate App to add your name to the queue, and an advisor will call you on Microsoft Teams when it’s your turn.


Advisors are available outside of drop-in office hours, by appointment. Using the Navigate app, you will be able to view advisor availability and reserve an appointment. You have the option to select the method of your meeting (in-person or remote). For remote meetings, an advisor will call you on Microsoft Teams at the time of your appointment.


Staff will be available in Perkins 101
Monday - Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm
Please wear a face covering when visiting our office, wait at the door to be greeted.

Matt Manz - Matthew.Manz@uvm.edu
Amanda Stemple - Amanda.Stemple@uvm.edu
Holly Fosher - Holly.Fosher@uvm.edu
Ashley Hance - Ashley.Hance@uvm.edu
Dana Mitchell - Dana.Mitchell@uvm.edu

Some of the services we provide to current students:

  • Primary advising for first year engineering majors and undeclared students in CEMS
  • Secondary advising for all CEMS students
  • Connecting students to available resources on campus
  • Monitoring academic progress
  • Coordinating requests for substitutions, waivers and credit-by-examination
  • Determining degree completion status and eligibility to graduate
  • Notifying faculty when students are missing classes due to serious illness or an emergency
  • Advising on academic components of the study abroad process
  • Certifying students for engineering licensure exams (FE, PE)
  • Providing registration support and assistance with schedule conflicts
  • Implementing the academic standards of the College and in cooperation with the CEMS Studies Committee
  • Coordinating requests for late withdrawals, leaves of absence and incompletes
  • Signing student forms that require the Dean’s signature (for example, the Change of Student Status form)

KC Williams - Assistant Dean for Equity, Belonging, and Student Engagement and Lecturer, College of Education and Social Services

Matt Manz - Director of Student Services

 Matt Manz

Amanda Stemple - Assistant Director of Student Services for Recruitment & Retention

Amanda Wells

Holly Fosher – Career Readiness Coordinator

Holly Fosher (she/her/hers) is the Career Readiness Coordinator in UVM’s College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with Masters in Recreation Administration and is a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) through the National Career Development Association. Prior to joining UVM, Holly worked at UNH in Residence Life, where she managed a Residential Learning Community for their College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Holly, as she looks forward to connecting with students to assist them in becoming career ready within CEMS at UVM and beyond.

Ashley Hance - Academic Advisor

Ashley Hance is an Academic Advisor for Student Services in UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. She earned a BA in Anthropology/Sociology from the University of South Florida and a MSc. in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Ashley takes a holistic approach to student services and supports the growth of the student in and beyond the classroom. Personally, Ashley enjoys engaging in theoretical arguments about anything, loves international travel, trying new food, and reading.

Dana Mitchell - Academic Advisor

Dana Mitchell is an Academic Advisor for Student Services in UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. She earned a BA in Social Sciences and a MA in Leadership Studies from Northern Vermont University.  Prior to this position, Dana worked at Vermont Technical College in Residential Life and Student Activities. Student Advising is her passion and she is ready and willing to help the students who enter her office.