Whether it’s taking care of your physical or mental health, promoting radical self-care, supporting campus-wide health initiatives, or helping you build skills to create a healthier and more equitable world, the Center for Health and Wellbeing is here to help you thrive.

New Student Information

Prepare for your first semester at UVM. Find and fill out your requried health forms and information and explore our integrated services.

Promoting Wellbeing

Find out about opportunities to engage in your wellbeing through our diverse programs and initiatives. Your self care practice builds resiliency and we are here to nuture your growth. 


Health Equity

Racism is a public health crisis. Explore some of our work to understand and dismantle systems of racism and inequity at UVM and beyond. 

Primary Care

Get aquainted with the comprehensive, patient-centered care and resources to help you thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Mental Health

Check out mental health care services and offerings at UVM. Connect with a counselor through drop ins, appointments, and workshops. 

Living Well Programs 

Join a mindfulness or mental wellbeing workshop, get one-on-one support about substance use, nutrition, or sexuality, or drop in to hang out at our virtual Living Well at the Dudley H. Davis Center office.