Need to change your minor or change your name? Review our list of forms for students.

Add/Drop a Course

Add/Drop Form

Information for Students

Please note that adding a course after the first five instructional days will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Catamount Core & General Education Transfer Credit Request

Change of Student Status

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Request

Information for Students

Please note that this form is for Undergraduate students only who are seeking a leave of absence or a complete withdrawal from UVM.

Check Your Degree Audit

Credit by Examination

PDF icon Credit by Examination Form (PDF)

Information for Students

If you are a degree-seeking student, you may be eligible to receive credit for a course by taking a special examination and paying the examination fee ($50 per credit hour). This process is available only for specific courses and you must receive approval from your advisor, the department of the course for which you wish to receive credit, and your Dean's Office in order to be eligible. Learn more about credit by exam.

While there are no specific deadlines for credit by examination, you must take the exam during the semester in which you wish to receive the credit. Be sure to be in contact with the department administering the exam to ensure that you meet any specific departmental deadlines.

Declare or Change Your Major, Minor, Concentration, or College


Declare or change your major/minor/concentration within your current college:

If you would like to make changes to your major, minor, or concentration within the college in which you are currently enrolled (e.g., change from a Civil Engineering major to an Electrical Engineering major), you can both declare and/or request changes to your major, minor, and concentrations online. This form should also be used by Arts and Science students wishing to pursue both a B.S. and a B.A. within the College of Arts and Sciences. Fill out the declare or change your major/minor/concentration form.

Apply to a different college or school or declare a dual degree in a different college:

If you would like to make changes to your major outside the college in which you are currently enrolled (e.g., change from a Nursing major to an Education major) or major in two disciplines not in the same college (e.g., German in the College of Arts and Sciences and Business Administration in the Grossman School of Business), fill out the change of college form.

* If you wish to pursue a dual degree in your current college do not use this form. Please use the Declare or Change Your Major Form and simply add the major and state in the comments section that this is for a dual degree.

Diploma Request

Diploma Request Form (PDF)

Information for Students 

PLEASE NOTE: Our office is working remotely and there will be a delay in processing all diploma reprint requests.

If you would like a copy of your diploma, you may request one using the Diploma Request Form. The fee for each additional copy is $30. Once we have received your request, you can expect to receive your diploma in approximately three weeks.

If you have any questions about ordering an additional copy, or concerning the diploma you received, please email Rhonda Hayward at or call 802-656-2045.

FERPA Disclosure

Legal Name/ID Change

Name Change Form (PDF)

Information for Students 

You can update your name or ID on your educational record to reflect a legal change by completing this form and mailing, faxing, or bringing it to our office with two acceptable forms of identification. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, a marriage certificate, a social security card, a passport, or a court document.

Learn about designating a lived name and pronouns.

Pass/No Pass or Audit Form

Pass/No Pass or Audit Form

Information for Students 

During the add/drop period you may elect to change the method in which you will be graded to Pass/No Pass or Audit.

If you wish to take a course pass/no pass (P/NP), you must obtain the permission of your advisor. Please be aware that non-PEAC courses taken Pass/No Pass can only be used for elective credit.

If you wish to audit (AU) a course, you must obtain approval from the instructor and your advisor. Courses which are audited receive no grade and no credit, but the usual tuition will be charged.

Residency Application

Residency Application (PDF)

Information for Students 

Completed applications for in-state status should be returned to: University Residency Officer, 85 So. Prospect St., 360 Waterman, Burlington, VT 05405

In general, applications are reviewed within two to three weeks, at which time a written decision will be mailed to the student applicant. If the Residency Officer finds a student's classification to be out-of-state, the letter will include information about the University's residency appeal process. The final decision regarding tuition status rests with the Residency Office. Applicants for In-State Status may re-apply for a determination in subsequent semesters, but may file only one application per term.

Registration for Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

Professional and Continuing Education Registration

Information for Students 

If you're interested in taking courses at UVM without applying for a degree program, you can do so through PACE. Registration is quick and easy online or, if you prefer, a downloadable form is available.

Registration dates vary from semester to semester so be sure to review the most current registration schedule.

Withdrawal for Credit/Re-Add for Audit

Students wishing to regularly attend a course, but not receive credit, may register as an auditor, with the approval of the dean and the instructor. Students intending to audit a course should fill out a grade mode change form (above) by the add/drop deadline. The following exception form is to be used after the add/drop deadline and requires that the student withdraw from the credit-bearing section.