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This page contains links to advising forms and resources frequently needed by students. If you cannot locate a form you need, please reach out to us or stop by our offices at Perkins 101.

Curriculum checksheets

Curriculum checksheets for all majors in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences by catalogue year.

Substitution/waiver form

This form is a course substitution/waiver form. This waiver must be completed by the student who wishes to substitute or waive one class for another during a semester. The form must then be approved by the student’s primary advisor, program/department head, and the Studies Committee.

Transfer into the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

The process for transferring into the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences or for pursuing a double degree in CEMS.

Checklist for students considering changing majors/colleges

This is a helpful guide for students who are considering changing majors/colleges within UVM:

AP guide

This guide shows students what courses they will fulfill at the collegiate level based on the test scores they received on the AP exam.

CLEP guide

Similar to the AP Credit Transfer information, the College-level Examination Program (CLEP) shows you what you need to score on an exam in a certain area of study to receive credit toward your degree and university-wide requirements.

Scheduling tool

This downloadable PDF can help you organize your course schedule using a block schedule based on the date and time.

Career links

Our Career Readiness Program site contains a wealth of information on everything from discovering internship opportunities to preparing for that all-important interview.

Intent to Graduate Form (CEMS Undergraduates)

This essential form needs to be completed during the first semester of your final year at UVM. With it, you will provide necessary information like your semester of graduation, year of graduation, diploma name, phonetic pronunciation, degree program, etc.

Intent to Graduate Form (Graduate Students)

This form is specifically for graduate students. Submit the form via e-mail to the Graduate College at with a CC: To your Advisor for electronic/regular signature and forwarding to the Graduate College. Deadlines are August 1 for October; November 1 for January; February 1 for May completions.

Making most of advising tips

Advising is a reciprocal relationship in which both the student and the advisor have responsibilities. Before any advising interaction, both the student and advisor should prepare for the session with specific questions and goals in mind. This guide indicates what the student, faculty advisor, and student services advisor responsibilities are.

Readmission to CEMS

This form is for previous College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences students who were dismissed for low scholarship and are seeking readmission. If you left the University for any other reason, please fill out the University’s Re-Entry Application.

Academic Standards

The University Catalogue specifies the minimum grade point average requirements, other academic standards, and how and when your academic performance is reviewed.

Guide to Professional Behavior and Resources

Faculty, staff, and students are expected to conduct themselves ethically and in a professional manner. This Guide provides information and links to support professional behavior in our CEMS community.

If you cannot locate a form you need, please reach out to us at or stop by our offices at Perkins 101.