The Career Center wants to support your club/org!

We view clubs as providing a solid foundation for career preparation. Through participation in club activities, students develop power skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and communication - all of which transfer across industry and occupation. Furthermore, a club membership helps students develop their network, an invaluable resource for career exploration and future success. 

Below are just a few ways that we can develop career readiness for your club members. However, this is not an exhaustive list. If you have other ideas, please reach out to us using the green Request A Career Workshop button below - you will have the option to make a custom request. 

Host a career workshop

Want to help your members describe their club experience on a resume or in a job interview?  Interested in exploring career paths relevant to your club?  Career Peer Leaders offer interactive workshops for student clubs covering a wide range career-related topics - everything from choosing a major to negotiating a salary. We can come to you or host your event in our space. If you're not sure that we can provide what you want, just ask!

Request a Career Workshop

Build a virtual network on UVMConnect

UVM Connect, an exclusive online platform for Catamounts, can help your members get connected with alums from all over the world and stay connected with each other! We can help you set up a "Group" for your club/org to promote events, highlight/learn from alums, and cultivate a network of past and current members. 

More on UVMConnect Groups

Promote your events through UVM Connect

You can post about your event to the UVM Connect feed of any Interest Group you are a member of.  Not a member of any groups yet? No problem, just click the green "join" button on the home screen of any group. (Find the groups using the left navigation on UVM Connect.)  You can join or exit a group at anytime.  You might also want to create a sub-group for your club/org and then you can create an event posting as well (more on that above :))

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Join an Interest Group

Connect to folks with shared interests in a vibrant social network.

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