Faculty/Staff Member Area of Expertise and/or Research

Jane Kolodinsky

concepts of demand, consumer behavior, and marketing principles to improve consumer wellbeing.

Jay Ashman

consumer law, community development

Dan Baker

rural development, dairy labor, Latinx farmworkers, "panela" artisinal sugar, low-input technology transfer, emergency management, resilience planning, project-based learning

David Conner

The economics of sustainable food systems.

Benjamin Dangl

journalism, public communication, Latin American politics and history, social movements, international reporting

Thomas Patrick DeSisto

community development, international development, research methods, service learning, technology literacy

Matt Dugan

researching, writing, and producing evidence-based communication to promote pro-health, pro-social, and pro-environmental causes. Strategic communication, health communication, journalism, consumer behavior, advertising, social media, social marketing, marketing research.

Josh Farley

Designing an economy to balance what is biophysically possible with what is socially, psychologically, and ethically desirable. 

Kelly Hamshaw

Affordable housing, rural community planning, international development, environmental education

Sarah Heiss

public communication, health communication, strategic communication, food media, food politics

Christopher Koliba

public administration, network governance, critical food, energy, water, transportation infrastructure, community resilience, complex adaptive systems

Steve Kostell

visual communication, graphic design, design thinking, creative economies, cultural entrepreneurship

James McGuffey

public communication, environmental rhetoric, water culture, epideictic

Glenn McRae

workforce development, nonprofit management and leadership development, community engagement, policy development

Jane Petrillo

visual communication

Travis Reynolds

food policy, food security, agricultural development, sustainable agriculture, rural livelihoods

Fred Schmidt

rural community development, town planning, community engagement

Trisha Shrum

Climate Change, Behavioral Science, Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Environmental Policy, Risk & Uncertainty

Tao Sun

public communication, media effects, consumer behavior

Prem Timsina

Administrative Leadership, Non-profit Management, Social-Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Diversity Management

Dan Tobin

agricultural development, food systems, development sociology, rural sociology

Qingbin Wang

microeconomics, market analysis, econometrics, international trade

Asim Zia

computational policy analysis, governance networks, social ecological systems, coupled natural and human systems, sustainable development, food, energy and water systems