My teaching focuses on how communities can become more sustainable and resilient, especially in the face of difficult challenges and complex issues, to improve quality of life for all. As a teacher, my ultimate aim is to inspire a new generation of engaged citizens who are equipped with the necessary tools, competencies, and mindset for creating lasting change through community-based solutions. I have experience in designing and teaching service-learning courses that actively connect students to community organizations through meaningful learning experiences. Providing high quality and meaningful advising for my advisees is a top priority. I particularly enjoy connecting students to campus resources and brainstorming internship opportunities.

In my role as a researcher in the UVM Center for Rural Studies, I have worked on a variety of projects related to rural affordable housing, disaster resilience, development of community indicators, and conducting of program evaluations for non-profit organizations.

Kelly Hamshaw

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Affordable housing, rural community planning, international development, environmental education


  • MS, Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont, 2011
  • BS, Natural Resources, University of Vermont, 2006


Office Location:

207 Morrill Hall