Dr. Wang has been a faculty member in CDAE since 1995. Dr. Wang's current research interest is to provide economic and market information to farmers, rural communities, small business, and policymakers through applied economic and market research and policy analysis. His major research areas include organic food market, agricultural trade and policy, renewable energy, and China's economic development.


  • Wang, J., Y. Zou and Q. Wang​. (2014) “Fiscal ttransfers from the ccentral government to provinces in China: Potential influence of the native­place connections of politburo members.” Journal of Chinese Economics 2 (3): 4­16.
  • Wang, Q​., E. Thompson and R. Parsons.​(2015). “Preferences and willingness to pay for farmstead, artisan, and other cheese attributes: Evidence from a conjoint study in the Northeast United States.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. In press.
  • Wang, Q., T. Sun​, M. Li, W. Li and Y. Zou. (2013). “Effectiveness of the “Made in China” TV advertisement: Evidence from a survey at an American university.” Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies.
  • Wang, Q​., and M. Li. (2012). “Home computer ownership and Internet use in China: Trends, disparities, socioeconomic impacts and policy implications.” First Monday

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

microeconomics, market analysis, econometrics, international trade


  • PhD 1994 Iowa State University
  • BS 1983 Northwest Agricultural University


  • 802.656.4564
Office Location:

205C Morrill Hall

Courses Taught

  • CDAE 3540: Microeconomics for Applied Economics
  • CDAE 3660: Decision Making:Community Entrepreneurs
  • CDAE 3720: International Economic Development
  • CDAE 6540: Advanced Microeconomics