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The community and international development major or minor offers students a structured opportunity to jump into the world and make a difference. Backed by rigorous coursework and experienced faculty oversight, students put ideas into action on the ground... here in Vermont or all over the world. What they find is that real world issues are more complex than they usually seem. There are underlying social, economic, and cultural factors that can hinder development or be an asset to it.

This major includes a successful International Program with projects in Peru and St. Lucia that continue working with the same communities year after year. Its strength comes from the integration of a student's individual interests into multidisciplinary teams that include both UVM students and faculty as well as community partners in the places we work.

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Beyond the classroom

  • Mobile home recycling programs in rural Vermont communities
  • Studying demand and opportunity for Peruvian native potato farmers in tourism destinations
  • Creating a sustainable future for Vermont's Mad River Valley communities
  • Working with the Burlington Railyard to create a more community-friendly location
  • Working with state and U.S. politicians and staff to create policy for Vermont's Natural Resources and Common Assets
  • Event planning for Burlington's annual Winter Festival
  • Renewable energy projects


  • City Economic Development Planner
  • Portfolio Manager for Micro-Capital Organizations
  • Design / Builder for Sustainable Design Company
  • Energy Policy and Project Manager
  • Business Analyst at Waypoint Outdoor

Where alumni work

  • Center for Social Innovation
  • San Francisco Energy Watch
  • Portfolio Associate, Root Capital
  • Director, Mobile Home Project, Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Account Manager at Rescue Social Change Group, Greater San Diego Area
  • Research Specialist at the Center for Rural Studies, Burlington, Vermont Area
  • Analyst at Goodworks Ventures, Missoula, Montana Area
  • Legislative Director at Campaign to Strengthen Social Security & Social Security Works, Washington D.C. Metro Area

Graduate Schools

  • Master of Science in Community Development and Applied Economics at UVM
  • Master of Public Administration at UVM
  • Master of Public Health at Harvard School of Public Health
  • Master's Degree International Public Health/ International Health at Columbia University

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Unique to CID

  • Real-world development projects at home and abroad.
  • Established international courses working with the same communities year after year.
  • Opportunity to build and continue projects from: semester to semester; undergraduate work to graduate work; academic work to professional work.
  • Faculty with experience in grassroots development that are dedicated to teaching and mentoring students.
  • Multidisciplinary experience (e.g. working with experts in a variety of fields: transportation, health, engineering, etc

Areas of Focus 

  • International Development
  • Local Community Development
  • Ecological Economics
  • Policy - Agricultural, Development, Transportation
  • Town and City Planning