• Southwick Hall - Home of Telecommunications & Netowrk Services

    Telecommunications and Network Services manages network and phone service in 293 buildings on campus and 8 offsite facilities.


Telecommunications and Network Services' scope of responsibility includes, but is not limited to: all copper and fiber wiring infrastructure for both outside plant and building interiors whether within or between campus locations, all associated conduit systems and wiring rooms, and all aspects of the UVM data and voice network.


When a department chooses to discontinue telephone service, any associated data services will also be disconnected, including UVM wireless service.  The current telecommunications service model for on-going operation of the University telephone, data, and wireless services does not support a-la-carte options, therefore we are not able to offer individual services.


Stop Annoyance / Robo Calls

Click on the link above and fill out the form.  We will forward the information to our carrier.  Please remember that this is "best effort".  We cannot guarantee that the calls will stop.  If you have any questions just contact us at telreq@uvm.edu.

VoIP Conversion -

We are currently in the process of replacing the redundant PBX that was installed in the 1990's.  We are going to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform.  It requires new phones and adequate wiring.  The new system allows for more flexibility and user independence.


Phone / Jabber Instructions


VeraSMART Login

External Call Forwarding

We have received many requests to allow forwarding of Nortel phone numbers to cell and home phones as folks start to work remotely.  We are not forwarding campus numbers to any number off campus.  There are two options to handle this situation:

1) You can re-record your Nortel Voicemail message to include the appropriate cell phone number so that callers can reach you directly.

2) You can allow all calls to go to your Nortel Voicemail mailbox; you will need to check Voicemail frequently and return calls as needed.

Instructions for both options are available here.

Voice Services (802) 656-3337

The Voice Services that TNS maintains is roughly the size of a small city.  We run our own PBX (private branch exchange).  This houses the 802-656-xxxx block of numbers.

Network Services (802) 656-8888

Network services has three major components:

  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • Performance


Voice and Network Services Infrastructure

Telecommunications and Network Services provides all telecommunications and network services infrastructure for all departments on campus.  This includes:

  • Network and phone service in 293 buildings on campus and 8 offsite facilities
  • Fiber between and within locations
  • 15,000 switch ports on 873 switches
  • 2000 wireless access points
  • 5000 phones
  • Infrastructure design for new buildings & projects
  • Ongoing long-term planning for  infrastructure and equipment upgrades