The Gund Institute for Environment today announced 44 new faculty and student Fellows and Affiliates from the University of Vermont and beyond.

Joining UVM’s environmental research accelerator are 23 UVM faculty (8 Fellows, 15 Affiliates), 9 Graduate Fellows and 2 Postdoctoral Fellows from 7 colleges or schools and 14 departments. The Institute also welcomed 10 Global Affiliates from such institutions as Cornell University, Georgetown University, U.S. Geological Survey, and Lutheran World Relief.

“As we seek to catalyze research and solutions for people and the planet, these new collaborators will add tremendously to the Gund community of scholars and leaders,” says Taylor Ricketts, Director of the Gund Institute for Environment.

Faculty Fellows (8)

  • Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, CAS, Geography
  • Ante Glavas, Grossman School of Business
  • Jed Murdoch, RSENR
  • George Pinder, CEMS, Civil Engineering
  • Travis Reynolds, CALS, Community Development & Applied Economics
  • Daniel Tobin, CALS, Community Development & Applied Economics
  • Leon Walls, CESS, Department of Education
  • Rory Waterman, CAS, Department of Chemistry

UVM Affiliates (15)

  • Adam Atherly, LCOM, Center for Health Services Research 
  • Appala Raju Badireddy, CEMS, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • David Conner, CALS, Community Development & Applied Economics
  • Joshua Faulkner, UVM Extension
  • Deborah Guber, CAS, Political Science
  • Scott Hamshaw, CEMS, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Beth Kirkpatrick, LCOM, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
  • Nicolas Perdrial, CAS, Geology
  • Kristen Pierce, LCOM, Department of Medicine
  • Donna Ramirez-Harrington, CAS, Department of Economics
  • David Rosowsky, CEMS, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Michael Ruggiero, CAS, Department of Chemistry
  • Matthew Scarborough, CEMS, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Severin Schneebeli, CAS, Department of Chemistry
  • Easton White, CAS, Department of Biology

Global Affiliates (10)

  • Ken Bagstad, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Kate Brauman, University of Minnesota
  • Leah Bremer, University of Hawaii
  • Sylvia Forsberg, Ethno-Ecology Nucleus of the Brazilian Amazon
  • Sikina Jinnah, UC Santa Cruz
  • Rick Peyser, Lutheran World Relief
  • Daniel Quinlan, Vermont Climate & Health Alliance
  • Ranaivo Rasolofoson, Cornell University
  • Daniel Spethmann, Georgetown University
  • Dominik Thom, University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna

Postdoctoral Fellows (2)

  • Dustin Kincaid, BREE (VT EPSCoR)
  • Takis Oikonomou, BREE (VT EPSCoR)

Graduate Fellows (9)

  • Martha Caswell, RSENR
  • Rosaura Chapina, RSENR
  • Emma Estabrook, RSENR
  • Mollyrose Kelly-Gorham, CEMS
  • Lisi Lohre, RSENR
  • Kate Porterfield, RSENR
  • Jess Rubin, CALS
  • Jorge Ruiz-Arocho, CALS
  • Sandra Walser, CAS

With 230 scholars and leaders, the Gund community has more than tripled in size in three years. It now comprises 58 Fellows, 87 Affiliates, 9 Postdoctoral Fellows and 70 Graduate Fellows. These scholars hail from 7 UVM colleges and schools, 31 departments, and 47 external organizations – including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and WWF – in over 10 countries.

With today’s announcement, the Institute also opens nominations for the next cohort of Gund Fellows and Affiliates.

Guided by four research themes, Institute scholars target environmental issues at the interface of four global challenges: climate solutions, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture, and resilient communities.

The Gund Institute for Environment catalyzes research and connects with society’s leaders to address global challenges. Learn more about Gund programs, including the Catalyst Award seed grant competition, PhD and postdoctoral fellowships, MacMillan Visiting Scholars, undergraduate research awards, and the Gund Research Slam.


Basil Waugh