Project Overview

This dataset includes six maps of aboveground and coarse roots carbon storage in northwestern Vermont forests. Maps were generated from forest cover maps of varying specificity along with look-up tables of carbon storage values based on Smith et al. (2006) and IPCC (2006) tables, and stand age data based on Pan et al. (2012). Models A and B were the most accurate when compared to field validation plots, but still contained substantial error. If Model D, based on the IPCC (2006) carbon storage tables is used, the D-high model is the most accurate. These data are most suitable for assessing regional-scale carbon storage, and should not be used to assess carbon storage at a local scale. For complete methods information, see Adams, A., Pontius, J., Galford, G, Merrill, S., & Gudex-Cross, D, "Modeling carbon storage across a heterogeneous mixed temperate forest: the influence of forest type specificity on regional-scale carbon storage estimates," currently in press for Landscape Ecology.


The objective of this project was to compare the effects of forest type specificity on regional-scale carbon storage estimates in heterogeneous forests like those found in the northeastern U.S.

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Status - Completed

Start date: 2014-11-01

End date: 2016-08-31

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